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A configurable, scalable resource and portfolio management platform

The Planview Enterprise platform supports the delivery, interoperability, and processes for resource and portfolio management solutions, enabling you to fully maximize business opportunities.


The platform incorporates:

  • Flexible delivery options: Planview Enterprise can be delivered in the Planview Cloud or installed on-premises
  • Interoperability with existing systems: Integrate Planview Enterprise with your existing technology and software systems, exchange data between multiple systems
  • Notification and alerts: Set alerts and notifications to keep your users updated about their portfolio tasks, risks, milestones, and more, sent via a browser, email, or mobile device; specify notifications by user/roles
  • Workflow and lifecycles: Incorporate processes into the use of Planview Enterprise; get visual representation of processes to improve visibility, adoption and accountability of process steps
  • Mobile access: Track activities in mobile timesheets, respond to lifecycle and resource approvals, and get critical analytics and reporting to make decisions while on the go
  • Technology: A robust infrastructure that supports your multi-faceted, global user base:
    • Application: Windows® Server
    • Databases: Microsoft® SQL and Oracle
    • Browsers: Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome®, and Safari®
    • Multi-language: English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Configurability: Perform user administration, workflow/lifecycle configuration, field/attribute set up, and more via user-friendly interface.
    • Configure the system to fit the needs and requirements of your organization
    • Administrators control end-user roles and views of the functionality they need to perform
    • Simplify the use of the product and increase adoption

Process Workflow and Lifecycles

Lifecycle diagrams in Planview Enterprise provide a visual representation of a process and help your organization get on the same page to understand what steps need to be performed, who is responsible, and where the process stands at a given time.

Workflow and Lifecycles
Workflow and Lifecycles

Workflow and Lifecycles:

  • Translate your organization’s procedures into a workflow that can be visualized and communicated by users/roles
  • Get visibility to the details of lifecycle for immediate understanding into what has been accomplished, what is active, and what‘s next
  • Enable automation of process steps using forms, documents, and key portfolio management functions to gather information
  • Control, guide, and enforce all required actions by the appropriate user
  • Create approvals and escalation plans as needed
  • Improve communication at all levels, the action to be taken, and key details of complex processes

Mobile Access

Planview Enterprise enables you to access resource management and portfolio driven capabilities directly from your mobile device.

Mobile Timesheets: Streamlined Time Reporting

Optimized for mobile use, the mobile time sheet builds on the robust functionality of Planview Enterprise timesheets.

Planview Enterprise is optimized for mobile use
Planview Enterprise is optimized for mobile use

Mobile timesheets:

  • Allow resources (contracted and full-time employee) to enter time by week, day, or activity
  • Improve operational efficiencies and reduce overhead, report lag time, and associated inaccuracies
  • Track billable hours, track project status, and resource management


Planview Enterprise supports lifecycle and resource approvals directly through your iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, or newer models of Blackberry® devices. Users can:

  • Approve, reject, or delegate lifecycle approvals
  • Approve, reject, or examine the profile of resource approvals for both Reservations and Allocations

Access the Critical Information Needed to Make Business Decisions

Get complete access to the rich analytics and reporting Planview offers directly from your tablet for remote decision-making.

Access critical information in Planview Enterprise on your tablet
Access critical information in Planview Enterprise on your tablet

Planview Partner Alliances

Planview partners with industry-leading technology companies offering platform, infrastructure, and extensive domain expertise to deliver integrated solutions to Planview customers.

If you would like more information on the Planview Partner Program, please contact us at:

  • ActianPlanview Enterprise integrates Actian Data Integrator™ to quickly build connections between any kind of data source and application. Data Integrator supports countless integration scenarios in real time. By integrating and connecting your data, business applications and workflows, you can increase operational efficiencies, productivity and success rates.
  • BrightideaPlanview Enterprise Ideation Management powered by Brightidea® and provides enterprises with an easy-to-use yet robust method for creating and maintaining dynamic customer communities that generate and evaluate product ideas, providing product organizations and IT departments with a true view of customer needs and wants.
  • BusinessObjectsPlanview Enterprise leverages SAP® BusinessObjects™ solutions giving organizations the flexibility to create reports and better understand their business, and make more confident decisions. Organizations can create, monitor, explore, and analyze data, and then use it to plan, mitigate risk, and take action.
  • Microsoft Gold Certified PartnerAs a Gold Certified Partner, Planview is the top level of Microsoft® solutions partners, demonstrating best-in-class expertise within Microsoft’s marketplace. Earning a gold competency is evidence of the deepest, most consistent commitment to a specific, in-demand, business solution area, along with the distinction of being among only 1 percent of Microsoft partners worldwide that have attained this outstanding degree of proficiency.
  • OptTekPlanview incorporates OptTek’s robust OptFolio® technology helping customers enhance decision support capabilities, enable advanced project portfolio planning, maximize return, and minimize risk.
  • Strategic Harmony PartnersPlanview Enterprise incorporates Strategic Harmony® Partners intellectual property to help customers align product and brand strategy to improve business performance. The patented Strategic Harmony method and model improve resource allocation efficiency, speed time to market, reduce R&D costs, and provide greater visibility into how to convert development investments into brand equity and competitive advantage.
  • YammerPlanview Enterprise integrates Yammer’s enterprise social network into the Analytics and Reporting Portal enabling customers to make transformative changes quickly, collaborate across departments, geographies, content and business applications.