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Process Workflow and Lifecycles

Lifecycle diagrams in Planview Enterprise provide a visual representation of a process and help your organization get on the same page to understand what steps need to be performed, who is responsible, and where the process stands at a given time.

Workflow and Lifecycles
Workflow and Lifecycles

Workflow and Lifecycles:

  • Translate your organization’s procedures into a workflow that can be visualized and communicated by users/roles
  • Get visibility to the details of lifecycle for immediate understanding into what has been accomplished, what is active, and what‘s next
  • Enable automation of process steps using forms, documents, and key portfolio management functions to gather information
  • Control, guide, and enforce all required actions by the appropriate user
  • Create approvals and escalation plans as needed
  • Improve communication at all levels, the action to be taken, and key details of complex processes