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Strategic CPM for Investment Planning

Integrate long-range plans and budgets across the enterprise for better business results

According to Gartner, the top priority for CFOs is measuring corporate performance.1 But their tools don’t always give them the insight they need to make this happen. More and more, CFOs and business unit leaders are turning to Strategic Corporate Performance Management solutions to link operational and financial planning, reduce planning cycles across the enterprise, and simplify complexity organization-wide.

Strategic Corporate Performance Management (CPM) increases the alignment of business planning with enterprise goals and objectives by improving the coordination and performance of efforts between Finance and business units.

corporate performance management solutions
Strategic CPM for Investment Planning
The business environment becomes ever more challenging – annual plans replanned throughout the year, multi-year processes condensed to adapt to change – and neither spreadsheets nor siloed performance management tools were designed for this reality. Strategic CPM solutions  facilitate effective financial and organizational performance information to drive decision-making for initiatives intended to grow and transform the business.

Integrating Strategic Planning with Budgeting

With the Planview solution for Strategic CPM, you can manage capital projects and long-term initiatives more effectively by:
  • Streamlining long-range planning and budgeting
  • Enabling the evaluation of plans, replans, and performance
  • Integrating long-range plans into the annual budgeting process for greater efficiency
  • Delivering accurate, dynamic budgets, for deep insight into spend and benefits of strategies
  • Leveraging what-if analysis to optimize investment scenarios and prepare for change
All in an easy-to-use application that speeds adoption.

Project-based Financial Management for the Entire Enterprise

Planview solutions deliver robust financial management capabilities that merge planning and execution with budgeting and forecasting. Finance gets visibility into the plans, budgets, and actuals of strategies mapped to projects, initiatives, and products, by leveraging Planview solutions for:
With the Planview solution for Strategic CPM, you are empowered to bridge the capacities of current performance management solutions, with a highly intuitive, user-friendly approach that enables you to:

1Gartner, Strategic CPM as a Driver for Organizational Performance Management, 10 January 2014