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Application Portfolio Management

Optimize application portfolios

application portfolio management solution
IT Solution: Applications

Application Portfolio Management Solution

Selecting the right application portfolio management solution is at the top of every IT organization’s to-do list. Small wonder, as analysts concur: costs to maintain corporate applications have skyrocketed and are consuming the IT budget. Planview Enterprise is an ideal platform for performing this critical undertaking, providing the toolset, analytics, and proven methodologies you need to help you get and stay in control of your application portfolio without interrupting the high business value your users demand.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Once the application portfolio is optimized, keep it that way with the ongoing, three-stage process built into Planview Enterprise. Take inventory of the applications resident in your IT environment, evaluate them based on factors such as cost, risk, and business value, and determine where to continue investment and where to reduce and consolidate.

Build a Roadmap for Change

With a complete application inventory, you can make informed decisions about future application changes – what to retire, modernize, and consolidate. Planview Enterprise has the tools to help you clearly articulate to the business the roadmap of activities, dates, and milestones that will implement these changes over time.