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Demand Management

See where it’s all coming from – and manage it efficiently

demand management software
IT Solution: Demand Management

Manage and Prioritize Demand with the Right Demand Management Software

Before you can get the best out of your resources, you need to know what’s coming their way from every corner of the enterprise. Planview Enterprise’s demand management software gives you a central hub to manage and prioritize demand. It offers those needing service an easy way to request work and check the status of work in progress, and project and resource managers an objective method of prioritizing those requests, delegating them, reviewing lifecycles, and determining if a collaborative, project-based approach or a broader-scoped initiative is the best execution approach. Demand Management can also be fed by Planview Enterprise Ideation Management to drive the most innovative projects into the pipeline most efficiently.
it demand management software
Demand Management

From Start to Finish

No matter the project type, all work feeds the demand management hub. Planview Enterprise initiatives, which may span the departments and the full year; agile projects that leverage integrations with agile ALM solutions; or Projectplace collaborations, that may be more ad-hoc in nature and only last a couple of weeks: they all automatically roll up their work in progress status to Planview Enterprise. This ensures that project and resource managers have a complete view of demand from start to finish across all project types.

Serve the Entire Spectrum

Projects, new ideas, maintenance, service requests: they all feed demand. That’s why Planview Enterprise was designed to help you centralize all of the requests, with reliable, repeatable methods that can be applied to all your efforts.