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Understand the cost of service delivery

IT Solution: service portfolio management software
IT Solution: Services

Service Portfolio Management Software

For CIOs seeking to prove and improve the business value of IT, Planview Enterprise’s service portfolio management software enables IT organizations to ”run IT like a business” by defining and managing the set of services they provide and communicating the value of those services to the business.
service portfolio management software

Total Cost of Services

A complete financial picture of all IT service costs – one that accounts for both labor and non-labor costs – is a driving force behind all service portfolio management initiatives. With Planview Enterprise, IT organizations can finally capture the full financial story and identify the services that they excel in delivering and evaluate alternative options for those that do not meet service level, demand, or cost objectives.
it service portfolio management software

Application and Services Topology

Understanding the relationships between IT services, the customers they serve and the underlying assets that enable them is critical to achieving better alignment with the business. Planview Enterprise gives you the ability to establish and visually display the relationships between services, applications, and other assets, so you can work with the business to improve service levels and contain costs more effectively.