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Customer Success

Customer Success

Enabling success for thousands of customers from all industries across the globe

“Planview Enterprise has given me the governance and visibility so I now have fact-based information that tells me what my resources are and what we can handle. Now I can make intelligent arrangements and I can plan and get better resources and prices.

– Diane Williams Roberts
Director of Enterprise Porfolio Management
Essilor of America

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Planview Customer Interview - LV=

“Projectplace is synergy. The more we used the various capabilities of the [Projectplace] tool, the more synergy we had as a team.”

– Susanne Korta, PMP
Florida Virtual Campus

Planview Customer Interview - Florida Virtual Campus

“With Planview Enterprise and KPIs to guide our data, we are delivering more with the same number of people and we can now deliver our company vision.”

– Barry Gray, Programme Manager


“Having a standard approach to the management and use of application portfolio management has allowed for increased collaboration and sharing across our entities.”

– Dean Holland, Head of Global Design Authority, Aegon

Cengage Learning

“It’s a very powerful thing to be able to show the executives, in a data-driven way, all of the great projects we want to do but can or can’t because of staffing.”

– Amber Meryman, Director of Portfolio Planning, Cengage Learning

AEG Power Solutions B.V.

“We were able to save 20% of the cost on travel – it also ensures better understanding amongst colleagues. We have definitely become a global team. A team which now uses Projectplace to implement projects smoothly, on time and on budget.”

– Bernd Sengpiehl, CIO AEG Power Solutions B.V.