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Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Transforms IT with Portfolio and Resource Management

We now understand demand and how it is prioritized. No matter the question or the issue, people can present data, have the right conversations, and make sound decisions.

Stacie Mastin, Manager in the Capacity and Planning Department at Excellus BCBS


Decisions were based on inaccurate data found in manual spreadsheets, Microsoft Project, and many homegrown applications. Excellus had data everywhere. Only 69 percent of team members were submitting timesheets, and much of the work was being categorized under “miscellaneous” tasks. There were no standards, no archiving, and financials weren’t being loaded at an acceptable frequency. Resources were given projects haphazardly without any regard to how much work they could take on or how delays were impacting estimates.


Excellus chose Planview Enterprise to improve data quality for time tracking, resource utilization, demand management, planning, and reporting.

Benefits to Date

By implementing Planview Enterprise:

  • Timesheet submission rate has improved to 99% with a rolling 18-month capacity plan
  • Data driven decisions and labor forecasts are based on actuals
  • Senior leadership has visibility into portfolios to ensure compliance
  • The portfolio is ranked, prioritized, and properly aligned with resource capacity to deliver mandated projects on time
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