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Mentor Graphics Connects Global Teams and Improves Project Communication

Planview Enterprise gives us visibility into the true, full cost of each project, including internal resource costs we never considered in the past.

Brian Tharp, IT PMO Manager, Mentor Graphics
Mentor Graphics Transforms IT to Achieve Project Visibility and Improved Communication Across the Business


Mentor Graphics’ IT group had a poor track record of completing business application projects on time. Projects flooded the funnel but only a handful were being completed on schedule and all were costing more money than anticipated. Some projects became known as “super tankers” as they lacked objectives and success criteria, had no formal project change management or defined ROI. Over time, concern grew at the executive level with projects being late, cost overruns and no available bandwidth to take on new strategic initiatives.


Mentor Graphics chose Projectplace to significantly improve project collaboration, task management, and team organization. They chose Planview Enterprise to gain a complete view into the portfolio of projects, resources and financials.


Since implementing Projectplace and Planview Enterprise, Mentor Graphics has:
  • Established strategic initiatives that are staffed and moving forward
  • A 94% on-time project completion rate, up from only 50%
  • A single source of truth for all project information
  • Improved prioritization of projects through alignment with strategic objectives
  • Complete synchronization between Projectplace and Planview Enterprise to view projects and resources
  • Improved credibility of IT and enhanced relationship with the business