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RBS Establishes Consistent, Reliable Data to Inform Financial and Resource Decisions

We finally have a grip on our data regarding financials, resource demand, and supply. We can see where our total portfolio is, the program and project view, where our resources and financial spends are, who has them and who is hoarding them, all in one place. This is the type of data transparency that leaders need to make decisions and help us achieve our goals to reduce costs. I don’t believe any other bank has the kind of visibility like we do now.

Sajad Shah, Program Manager at RBS


Organizational change was only the first step in the restructuring of the company. Establishing a single enterprise-wide view and reporting of consistent and accurate data was the next step in reducing costs. With so many brands, RBS required complex data integration. Different legacy applications meant data was in different formats with no consistency. Nothing was integrated, we had a fractured enterprise and bank-wide investment governance framework, and inconsistent and incomplete data. The inefficiencies were driving bad data which in turn, drove misguided decisions.


“Planview was chosen unanimously,” recalls Shah. The Planview Enterprise SaaS model sped up delivery and eliminated the need for RBS to manage an infrastructure. Planview Enterprise is now the single system of record and is plumbed throughout the RBS enterprise strategic architecture.


Since implementing Planview Enterprise, RBS has achieved:

  • A single enterprise and bank-wide tool that replaced and decommissioned 35 legacy systems, 50+ user-developed tools, and hundreds of spreadsheets
  • Consistent, reliable data and reports to inform financial and resource decisions
  • Quantifiable results such as significantly reduced costs in each business area
  • Non-quantifiable results such as improved transparency, added controls, data consistency, simplified architecture, project hierarchy and framework, and standardized reporting
  • Delivered on business case, benefits and ROI within 12 months