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University of Michigan Implements Demand Management and Process

Planview Consulting really challenged us in saying, ‘If you are going to capture data, make sure you know what decision you are making with the data. And that is something we continue to practice.

Cathleen Curley, Director, Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management Office, The University of Michigan Information & Technology Services


University of Michigan created a long-term information technology strategy focused on reducing costs and improving efficiencies while simultaneously fueling technological advancement. To meet this challenge, the university merged three central IT organizations and modified their operational approach. Management wanted to fix the common problem of overpromising and under delivering. As a first step they needed to know how many projects were being worked on and what requests were in the pipeline.


ITS engaged Planview Consulting to assist them in creating new demand management process design and support the configuration of Planview Enterprise. As a result, ITS created a three stage demand management process to help capture, define, and schedule projects. They incorporated process lifecycle steps providing a visual representation of who is responsible, and where the process stands at a given time.

Benefits to Date

Using Planview Enterprise to optimize their portfolio, the university has seen:
  • 23% reduction in their active project portfolio to support improved prioritization and throughput
  • Increased number of projects in the portfolio with baselines from 10% to 75% to start reporting on delivery consistency
  • Visibility into the overall set of projects ITS is managing ensuring all projects align with the university’s IT strategy
  • Better transparency into demand, capacity, and resources – shifting from “No we can’t,” to “Yes, here’s when” ensuring staff are focused on the right work that delivers value