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Health Care System Reduces Off-Cycle Projects and Gains Organizational Trust

When you have a good, consistent track record, there’s more trust and executives are confident IT will deliver.

Jim Turnbull, CIO, University of Utah Health Care

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial - University of Utah Health Care


University of Utah Health Care ITS PgMO experienced frequent network outages, had little visibility into projects, resources, and reporting, and executives had little understanding and lacked confidence in how the PgMO supported business functions. The team discovered core IT disciplines were acknowledged but not embraced which led to poor processes and business practices. Additionally, there was no governance structure in which projects could get vetted and prioritized resulting in too many projects, not enough resources, and disorganization.


University of Utah Health Care ITS uses Planview Enterprise to mature project and program management and enact enterprise IT governance across the health care facilities. The PgMO uses Planview Enterprise for everything from project management, time entry, and analytics and reporting to support their portfolio of projects.

Benefits to Date

  • Projects are now aligned with the strategic plan
  • 100 percent of projects are on-time and under budget
  • Off-cycle projects or drive-by requests have been greatly reduced
  • Structured project management methodology
  • An improved culture with improved communication and accountability
  • Leadership had better insight into projects that support corporate priorities