Planview Standard Support

Die hervorragenden Mitarbeiter von Planview Standard Support stehen während erweiterter Geschäftszeiten zur Verfügung und sind per E-Mail, Telefon oder Fax sowie online erreichbar. Darüber hinaus erhalten Sie regelmäßig aktuelle Versionen und Updates.


Planview Platinum Serviceprogramm

Planview Platinum Service Program offers the highest level of customer service available from Planview. You gain all the benefits of Standard Support as well as additional services including Premium Customer Care Support, an assigned Customer Relationship Manager, valuable Remote Services, Inside Access to Planview Products, and an array of exclusive member benefits.

Planview Customer Care programs are designed to ensure continuous improvement in your portfolio management and decision-making processes. You will always have much more than “tech support,” you will have a business partner dedicated to your success.


Erste Schritte

To learn more Customer Care or to speak with a Planview expert, please contact Planview Customer Care or email Planview Customer Care at: [email protected]