IT Service Management (ITSM) is not an alternative to enterprise PPM

Planview vs ServiceNow PPM

Deliver on your strategy, not just your IT efficiency goals

Stretching an IT platform to maximize the value of your project and product portfolios can put your enterprise strategy at risk. Planview's work and resource management solutions offer a better way.

  • Solution Capabilities
  • Customer Delivery
  • Porteføljeadministrasjon
    • Planview is a leader in Gartner's most recent Magic Quadrant for PPM.
    • Focused on portfolio management, resource management and capacity planning since 1998.
    • Able to support PPM for enterprise PMOs of all maturity levels.
    • Rudimentary portfolio management, primarily in the form of filtering.
    • Limited visibility into portfolio financials.
    • Best suited for IT PMOs just starting their PPM journey.
  • Centralized demand intake
    • Quickly identify new demand and evaluate its impact on the portfolio from a budget, capacity, strategic, and any other portfolio dimension.
    • Model different trade-offs and timing that should be considered to drive faster decisions.
    • Automatically find where demand should be shifted or if there is any demand that can be taken on without negatively impacting capacity.
    • Basic functionality for demand intake in ServiceNow's initial version of this capability.
    • Limited ability to configure for customized needs.
  • Program management and roadmapping
    Robust roadmapping capabilities that enable enterprises to plan programs with integrated top-down financials, communicate plans to stakeholders and perform what-if scenario analysis when making trade-off decisions.
    Limited capability to organize around programs, primarily characterized by project grouping only. Without any true roadmapping capability.
  • Kapasitetsplanlegging
    • Easy in-application process based on proven best practices on how organizations make investment decisions against their capacity.
    • Enables capacity planning annually, quarterly, monthly, and continuously throughout the year.
    No capabilities around capacity planning from budgetary or resource role to drive portfolio level decisions.
  • Resource management
    • Fully integrated work schedules with resource management.
    • Real-time resource utilization to manage resource forecasts based on actuals and planned work.
    Resource management capabilities primarily done through form-based resource schedules.
  • Project management
    • Comprehensive milestone based project management capabilities are at the core of Planview's PPM solutions.
    • Planview's WRM platform also supports advanced Lean-Agile and collaborative work.
    • Basic project management is core to the product.
    • Best suited for light-weight project management where advanced use cases are not anticipated in the future.
    • Generally not a fit for PMOs serving enterprise organizations.
  • Financial management
    • Planview has over 15 years of supporting deep financial management.
    • Built to provide visibility and investment decision insight to the CFO organization.
    • Planview customers manage billions of dollars, with fully integrated actuals and forecasting to enable the support of continual forecasting processes for more effective financial control over the portfolio.
    • Financial management capabilities are a plug-in with a separate subscription.
    • Financials are form-based and don’t provide time-phased rolling horizon.
  • Project portfolio analytics and reporting
    • Market leading reporting and analytics platform with almost two decades of investment and product advancement.
    • Extensive out-of-the-box reporting and sophisticated ad-hoc reporting.
    Basic standardized reporting available as part of the initial versions of the PPM module that have been released.
  • Product innovation and idea management
    • Comprehensive support from ideation to delivery.
    • Product management organizations can build and manage their idea pipeline.
    • Supports variety of stakholders whether internal or external to the organization.
    Built to serve back office IT needs, does not support revenue generating product management groups for innovation or idea management.
  • Product innovation and idea management
    • Comprehensive support from ideation to delivery.
    • Product management organizations can build and manage their idea pipeline.
    • Supports variety of stakholders whether internal or external to the organization.
    Built to serve back office IT needs, does not support revenue generating product management groups for innovation or idea management.
  • Behandling av produktportefølje
    Planview enables new product develoment and planning for hundreds of revenue generating enterprise product management organizations.
    Built to serve back office IT needs, does not support revenue generating product management groups for managing their product portfolios.
  • Gated product management
    Planview supports enterprise product managemnt organizations through automation of new product innovation process that utilize Stage-Gate®, PACE®, Agile, and other structured methodologies.
    Built to serve back office IT needs, does not support revenue generating product management groups management of gated product management processes.
  • Product lifecycle management
    • Planview can track introduction, growth and decline of the product lifecycle from a product and financial perspective.
    • Delivers in-depth analysis of when to kill failing products and when to invest in the highest value products.
    Built to serve back office IT needs, does not support the product development lifecycle.
  • Product portfolio analytics and reporting
    • Enables the automation of product business case development from initial submission through approval, capturing actuals with benefit realization.
    • Replaces manual report consolidation with flexible analytics engine to drive decision making.
    • Basic out-of-the-box visualizations with limited configuration.
    • Consulting services required for advanced reporting and analytics.
Capabilities and Technology Management
  • Enterprise architecture visualization, modeling and analysis
    • Pivot the technology stack against strategic, business, and operational viewpoints to identify and prioritize technology investments.
    • Interactive visualizations and modeling articulate what will need to change, how changes impacts the organization, and what new capabilities will be available.
    Recently introduced enterprise architecture functionality as an add-on feature.
  • Enterprise architecture governance and technology portfolio management
    • Enables architects to rationalize the technology landscape and publish design patterns to establish standard architecture principles to mitigate risks and reduce costs.
    • Enterprise Architecture assessments are integrated in the project lifecycle to ensure compliance with standards.
    Does not include roadmapping functionality to drive standardization and support strategic technology initiatives.
Strategisk planlegging
  • Strategisk roadmapping
    • Translate organizational strategy into measurable goals and actionable plans while connecting them to the products and services that will be delivered.
    • Program management to break silos and be the catalyst for innovation across teams, departments, and business units.
    Built for back-office IT services and light weight project management; no support for strategic roadmapping.
  • Financial and capital planning
    • Ensures organizations invest in strategic initiatives by funding and allocating capital plans appropriately.
    • Easy to use scenario planning to understand trade-offs while not losing sight of strategy.
    • Robust financial forecasting to measure and monitor key strategic initiatives.
    Does not support financial or capital planning.
  • Strategisk planlegging
    • Multiple releases of planning capabilities over the last decade with hundreds of enterprise customers.
    • Bring strategy to life, from strategy formulation to execution across the organization.
    • Utilize planning best practices to make continuous planning the norm.
    Enterprise strategic planning not supported – project lists provide basic prioritization.
Lean og Agile levering
  • Lean og Agile levering
    • Best of breed solutions for Lean and Agile with Planview LeanKit and Planview Enterprise One.
    • Teams deliver faster by visualizing value streams, optimizing the flow of work, and continuously improving their performance.
    • Scrum, Kanban, and operations teams identify blockers sooner and resolve them faster.
    • Scale lean-agile execution by dynamically connecting teams and their work to programs and portfolios.
    Recently introduced simple Kanban boards for dev ops.
Felles arbeidsledelse
  • Team collaboration
    • Unlimited collaborative workspaces for the large volume of unstructured and cross-functional work.
    • Bring virtual teams together to improve productivity and promote the adoption that is key to PPM success.
    • Real-time work management visualization with Kanban boards.
    • Robust template tool and library to accelerate team productivity and ease of use.
    • Comprehensive customizable status reporting views.
    Basic team collaboartion features only.
  • Established solutions for customers at any maturity level
    • Accommodates all levels of PPM maturity.
    • Planview is able to right-fit the solution as PMO maturity evolves.
    • Early stage PMOs can level up with the project centralization, resource management and reporting capabilities of Planview PPM Pro.
    • Enterprises that are more established with disciplines around strategic planning, business capabilities and deeper financial management can leverage Planview Enterprise One.
    • Purpose built for ITSM, ServiceNow's PPM module provides functionality for IT PMO's that are beginning their PPM journey while leveraging an established vendor for their organization.
    • Ability to serve more mature IT PMOs dependent on execution of ServiceNow's roadmap.
  • Rapid time to value
    • Fixed priced service packages through the Planview FastTrack methodology, built on years of working with the most complex and innovative global enterprises in the world.
    • Planview works alongside customers to achieve long-term success while setting short-term milestones to ensure value is achieved in rapid increments, typically within 90 days of starting.
    • Large customized services engagements often required to support core missing functionality from PPM module.
    • Implementation time for larger customers can extend beyond a year.
  • Breadth of customer references
    References available for PPM deployments across geographies, industries and use cases. Just ask.
    Few references for successful PPM deployments. Just ask.
  • Breadth of work management solutions
    • The most comprehensive set of work and resource management solutions available.
    • Solutions to serve both structured and unstructured work types and both milestone and iteration driven work methodologies.
    • Supports management of a broad specturm of resource types, including technology assets, projects or finacials, business capabilities.
    • Serves the needs of IT departments, product development, line of business groups and initiatives that span the entire enterprise.
    ServiceNow was built for back-office IT services and is best suited for IT Service Management (ITSM) and light weight project management that supports that work.
  • Easy upgrade paths
    • Extensive product configuration elimiates need for software customization and allowing for non-disruptive upgrades from one version to the next.
    • Services provides support for optimizing configuration to business requirements to achieve rapid time to value.
    • Implementations often requires code customization to accomodate customer configuration needs or missing functionality.
    • Code updates during upgrades result in complex projects and extensive consulting services engagements.
  • Competitive straight-forward pricing and licensing
    Market competitive straightforward pricing for software and services packages.
    • PPM module pricing often presented as free but requires extensvie customization and services expense.
    • Complexity in upgrade pricing due to software customization.


Skaff deg rapporten for the May 2018 Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management, Worldwide”
Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for prosjektporteføljebehandling over hele verden


Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for prosjektporteføljebehandling over hele verden

Basert på dens evne til å utføre og fullføre visjonen har Gartner utnevnt Planview til en leder for PPM.

Skaff deg rapporten for the May 2018 Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management, Worldwide”

Planview's work and resource management solutions break down silos, integrate portfolios and provide executive level visibility into how it's all coming together.

Why Planview for Work and Resource Management?

Value is created across the enterprise, accelerating revenue, making better use of your people, resources and collective capabilities.


Enterprise business platform, not just for IT service

“ITSM tools often do not work well for PPM leaders and PMOs charged with facilitating difficult decision making regarding the use of limited resources for project work. Pure-play PPM providers offer project reporting and the advanced planning needed to support this type of decision making.
For example, a glaring weakness in the “PPM” pieces of ITSM and other non-PPM providers is the inability to provide resource capacity planning and modeling that matches the sophistication of pure-play PPM providers identified in Gartner’s research.”

“Gartner – The Reality of ITSM Tools as Enterprise Service Management Tools”
Download Report: The Reality of ITSM Tools as Enterprise Service Mangement Tools


Best-of-breed solutions

Planview PPM solutions are the best-of-breed with years of expertise driving PMOs to mature processes and deliver effective portfolio management. More than a configured screen.

Download the PPM MQ: Best-of-breed solutions

Deep capacity and resource management

Optimize resources with plans, what-ifs, and scenarios to provide realistic capacity plans… continuously. Drive successful execution through easy resource assignment capabilities and standard utilization views, fully integrated with work. By roles, depts., skills, and/or named resources.

Read Case Study: Deep capacity and resource management

Scheduling and execution for project managers

Planning and managing projects are the core of what Planview does. Projects are integrated with resource availability to ensure on time delivery. Cost actuals are evaluated against planned effort and data driven decisions are made possible. We focus on making project managers successful.

Read Case Study: Scheduling and execution for project managers

Planning and prioritization excellence

Planning and prioritization excellence

Planview has a proven process that supports IT, PMO, and finance to improve annual and move to continuous planning activities. Planview's financials continue to be the best in the market in this space.

Learn how you can improve agility through continuous planning


Enabling Lean and Agile

Planviews Lean og Agile leveringsløsning gir team muligheten til å levere raskere ved å visualisere verdistrømmer, optimalisere flyt av arbeid og kontinuerlig forbedre ytelsen. Organiser Agile på en skala – fra team til virksomhet.

Watch an on-demand demo: Enabling Lean and Agile

Methodology driven implementation services deliver rapid time to value and reduced costs

“For example, non-PPM providers staking a claim in the PPM space often assure their customers that the PPM capabilities they provide are all available “out of the box.” In reality, many organizations that commit to these vendors for their PPM technology learn later that many of the features and functions are not truly out of the box. Instead, good configurations end up requiring more customization to support PPM than would be expected.”

Financial management and capital planning

Increase your ROI on IT project spend. Gain a complete understanding of project investment to value realization within capital and expense constraints. Planview Enterprise connects financials from strategy to investments to detailed budget, actuals, and forecast.

Learn More about financial management and capital planning

Drive revenue through product lifecycle management

"Ingrediensen for vår suksess i overhaling av forretningsprosesser for å redusere gjennomsnittlig markedstid med 70%, som ikke er så hemmelig lenger, var ved å implementere Planview Enterprise produktbehandling på virksomhetsporteføljen."

– Claudette Cress Senior Project Manager, CSM Bakery

See our powerful product management software in action


Gartner has named Planview a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management

“As the PPM life cycle evolves, the focus for PPM leaders is on realizing two main goals: aligning investments with strategic value and diversifying execution approaches to reduce time to value. This Magic Quadrant evaluates PPM providers offering technology to achieve these goals.”

Learn more about why Gartner named Planview a leader based on the ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Know Your Impact

Enterprise success becomes reality when all people, resources, business capabilities, and work are delivering on your strategy. Planview's work and resource management solutions break down silos, integrate portfolios, and provide executive level visibility into how it's all coming together. No matter how your teams work – milestone driven projects, Lean-Agile or unstructured collaborative work.

Arbeids- og ressursadministrasjon bringer alt til visning

Våre løsninger spenner over alle typer arbeid, ressurser og organisasjon.

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