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Skap rask vekst og transformasjon

med Planviews løsninger for arbeids- og ressurshåndtering for ledere

Be the CIO that drives innovation and accelerates digital transformation

Når informasjonssjefene går fra driftseksperter til strategiske ledere, må de endre fokus og organisering mot den digitale transformasjonen og kundeerfaringsinitiativer for å oppfylle sjefens vekstmål.

Planviews programvare for ledere fremskynder strategisk utførelse ved å integrere forretnings- og teknologiplanlegging, optimere alle ressurser og fremskynde leveringen av gjennombruddsprodukter og kundeopplevelser. Med komplett oversikt over utførelse og økonomi, kan organisasjonen raskt iterere og tilpasse seg. Bruk Planview-programvaren til å lede alt arbeid, alle ansatte og alle kapasiteter, og bruk teknologien til å utgjøre forskjellen mellom å bare holde bedriften i gang og å skape innovasjon som driver den fremover.

  • Bring your digital strategy to life enterprise-wide

    Digital business requires a new approach to translating strategy into delivery, one that adapts to change, assesses the impact of emerging technologies, and brings together organizational silos. Planview software for Chief Information Officers enables your team to build scenarios that analyze technology trends, and optimize funding and resource allocation across potential investments and initiatives, and compare trade-offs to drive better decisions. Set direction with integrated roadmaps to implement strategic, operational, and technology changes. Learn more about work and resource management solutions
  • Embrace the uncertainty of planning in a digital world

    Become a champion of iterative planning. Be willing to reprioritize regularly and conduct trade-off decisions: This gives your organization the flexibility to try new ideas and test new technologies to drive innovation at speed. Robust financials in Planview’s software enable you to set realistic goals, understand how funding is being spent, and reallocate as needed throughout the fiscal period. Whether you are tracking capital expenditure or forecasting incremental revenues, financial planning can be used to effectively plan, track, and measure contribution of IT investments by their impact on business KPIs and strategic outcomes. Learn more about strategic planning
  • Achieve organizational agility for strategic execution – at digital speed

    With digital transformation, it’s critical to implement agile ways of working to quickly shift strategy, processes, people, and technology toward value-creating opportunities. Achieving agility lies in embracing a range of work methodologies. Your software development, IT ops, and DevOps teams leverage Lean-Agile principles for a process-centric work approach supporting continuous delivery. Your PMO team needs to transition from solely traditional milestone-driven project management to hybrid iterative work management. Virtual teams across the company can get more done by using collaborative workspaces. Planview’s work and resource management platform provides you with the right tools, no matter how you work, and the ability to bring the right level of visibility to the portfolio level to plan resource capacity, manage financials, and measure progress against the strategic roadmap. Learn more about resource management for CIOs
  • Advance business capabilities that enable digital transformation

    Why is it so important now for business capabilities to be strategic? Capabilities are the set of competencies a company requires to execute business strategy or fulfill its mission. They are the blueprint of what a company does. Business capabilities must be assessed against your digital strategy to identify impacts and propose investments for enhancement or creation of new capabilities. Planview work and resource management software brings together your enterprise architect and PMO teams with integrated portfolios that connect these investments, strategies, and capabilities with the technology landscape, enabling them to define a roadmap, gain commitment to deliver, and measure progress. Learn more about business capability mapping
  • Create resource capacity for innovation and transformation

    If you don’t know what people are working on, you are flying blind. Create capacity for strategic initiatives while keeping the lights on through proactive management and analysis. Operationalize your strategic roadmap by optimizing portfolios and allocating resources to set the direction for execution. Identify the best approach given capacity constraints with impact analysis and scenario planning. Your PMO can ensure the right resources are on the right work at the right time. Balance, prioritize, and schedule resource capacity with a real-time view into both future demand and in-flight work. Learn more about resource management and capacity planning
  • Gain insight into performance

    Visibility provides the power to make better decisions. Make better decisions faster with highly visual reports and powerful analytics to gain insights into demand, plans, work, resources, technology, and capabilities. Easily drill down from executive dashboards to get the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you need to maximize organizational performance to achieve strategic goals – at the pace your business demands. Learn more about analytics and reporting
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