How Zoom Integration Works

As we all find ourselves amidst the world’s largest work from home experiment, it is vitally important that teams stay connected to ensure that work is delivered fast and with complete alignment to strategy. What makes this difficult is the excessive number of tools that teams use to communicate work information – e-mail, video conferencing, chat and other applications make effective collaboration nearly impossible, as these tools are used outside of where the work actually happens.

Planview has partnered with Zoom to bring powerful, easy to use online meetings into the Projectplace experience – at no additional cost to users. Teams can easily start a zoom meeting directly from Projectplace, allowing them to hold daily stand-ups and team syncs as well as ad hoc meetings all within a single source of truth for work status, information, documents and more. With Projectplace and Zoom, teams can stay connected no matter where they are, collaborate within the context of their work and, ultimately, get work done fast.

How to Integrate Zoom with Projectplace

You don’t need to do anything! Just use the Zoom button in the Projectplace top navigation bar to launch into a meeting. No existing Zoom license is required. Projectplace includes a Zoom basic license, at no additional cost, so that you and your teams can jump right in.