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Measure Lean and Agile effectiveness View

Measure Lean and Agile effectiveness

Measure Lean and Agile effectiveness

Track progress and assess efficiency with Lean and Agile metrics including flow, velocity, throughput, and cycle time to promote continuous improvement.

  • Lean Process Metrics

    Understand how quickly work moves through the process using lead and cycle time metrics. Measure the effectiveness of process and system improvements.

  • Flow Analytics

    Analyze how work flows through the process and see where bottlenecks occur to remove impediments to value delivery and keep value flowing.

  • Lean-Agile Work Progress

    Understand if planned work is tracking to completion goals and see the impact of unplanned work, including the likelihood of achieving planned delivery dates.

Create team-driven adaptive workflows View

Create team-driven adaptive workflows

Create team-driven adaptive workflows

Improve the team’s abilities to deliver value with speed and predictability. Fuel continuous improvement by empowering teams to adapt their processes quickly and easily.

  • Process Mapping

    Map out your process as it exists today. Represent any process – from simple to complex – with horizonal and vertical swim lanes.

  • Adapt Process with Team-Driven Board Layouts

    Pursue continuous improvement by adjusting boards to represent process changes. Each team can tailor and adapt their board to suit specific needs, with no technical expertise required.

  • Process Templates

    Leverage best practices with pre-defined templates. Create custom templates with continuous improvement tools that help promote repeatable processes for team delivery.

Portfolio progress and performance View

Portfolio progress and performance

Portfolio progress and performance

Gain a complete view of portfolio progress and performance to track the progress of key initiatives and programs, ensure strategic alignment, and keep stakeholders informed.

  • Report Progress and Delivery of Strategic Initiatives

    Track progress toward strategic goals. View performance of strategy, epics, programs, and work through reporting and analytics at every level.

  • Discover Trends and Solutions Using Portfolio Analysis

    Increase work portfolio visibility with powerful dashboards. Enable users across the enterprise to easily access real-time information, share, and take action to keep the business running effectively.

  • Share Progress with Executive Dashboards

    Get insight into portfolio and work performance in real time. Share tailored views of information executives need. Use self-service interactive analytics to investigate and uncover critical issues.

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