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Plan by Value Streams View

Plan by Value Streams

Plan by Value Streams

Use lean portfolio principles to develop shared, strategic objectives that focus on maximizing customer value. Drive alignment across the organization against key objectives to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Company-Wide Alignment

    Cascade strategic objectives and priorities to all departments and layers of the organization. Create cross-functional teams aligned to the objectives to deliver maximum value.

  • Create Lean Business Cases

    Develop a lean business case to support the strategic plan. Include just enough information to determine a go or no-go decision, eliminating wasted time on over-analysis and requirements.

  • Planning: From Strategy to Features

    Understand how strategy breaks down into actionable work. Enable lean portfolio management with visual Kanban boards that align portfolio items and correlating work.

Fund Customer Value View

Fund Customer Value

Fund Customer Value

Allocate funding based on outcome-driven indicators and KPIs, creating space to deliver the highest, customer-value work first and limiting work in progress.
  • Align Outcomes with Budget

    Allocate funds and capacity to cross-functional teams, who are focused on delivering against the indicators and KPIs set forth in the outcomes. Fund the people, not the project.

  • Balance Cross-Functional Team Capacity

    Optimize throughput and effectiveness with the right people on the right teams working on the right priorities, aligned to the top-line business strategies.

  • Fund Innovation

    Encourage innovation with additional funding and capacity, allowing a cross-functional team the leverage to create, adjust and test new technologies aligned to the organization’s desired outcomes.

Deliver Customer Value, Not Projects View

Deliver Customer Value, Not Projects

Deliver Customer Value, Not Projects

Stay ahead of the market, providing customer value at the right time by allowing the cross-functional teams the autonomy to deliver the highest-value work first.
  • Decentralize Decision-Making

    Lean Portfolio Management requires empowered teams to prioritize the work. Leaders provide the strategic direction, while receiving real-time visibility to the progress of each cross-functional team.

  • Deliver Incrementally, Adapt Quickly

    Determine the highest-value work and deliver first, limiting work in progress. Release enhancements quickly to evaluate customer appetite and adjust based on key results.

  • Real-Time Value Delivery

    Gain complete portfolio visibility from strategy to delivery work for better insight into real-time progress. See how progress rolls up to show delivery against the top-line objectives.

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