A Leading International Entertainment Company

About A Leading International Entertainment Company

A Leading International Entertainment Company is one of the world’s leading music companies, home to some of the most successful and best known recording artists. The company serves artists, consumers and partners all over the world and brings artists and fans together by driving action and creating value wherever music is experienced.

The Challenge

When the VP Technology Oversight, joined the Leading International Entertainment Company, he set out to establish PMO governance and find a suitable online project collaboration solution that would automate processes within the company’s global PMO which focuses on IT projects that served the company’s global initiatives. The main challenge at hand was the lack of centralized project management process and standardized delivery methods. Each global territory operated in a fragmented matter mainly relying on SharePoint, PowerPoint and Excel. The VP Technology Oversight was looking for a way to plan, delegate, manage and complete coordinated projects more efficiently and with adherence to PRINCE2 methodologies.

In terms of reporting, project managers spent up to two weeks preparing status reports for executive level management. A Leading International Entertainment Company lacked a central hub that housed real time data on all live projects. Prior to Clarizen online project collaboration, the reporting involved cumbersome manual processes with Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint. The company recognized the challenges at hand and the need for a standardizing solution.

The Use Case


  • Configurable project lifecycle workflow for PRINCE2
  • Real-time overall project portfolio status
  • Central management for risks and issues
  • Centralized planning

Why Clarizen

  • SaaS Solution – ease of collaboration with third party vendors
  • Free Trial to test out feasibility and customizations – “The free trial helped us to understand how Clarizen could be customized to fit our needs”
  • Clarizen Roadmap gives real time visual updates on project status and progress

The Results

While researching for project management online project collaboration solutions that would adapt to the PRINCE 2 approach, the VP Technology Oversight came across Clarizen on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. The team signed up for a free trial and during this initial phase worked closely with the Clarizen team to test PMO scenarios and implement test projects along with his PMO team. Adoption started during the trial phase and within a short span of time the PMO team, which included a PMO Manager, established smooth and automated processes.

With over 100 Clarizen licenses, A Leading International Entertainment Company is actively using Clarizen for project planning and scheduling, risk and issue management, base lining projects, dependency management as well as budget and resource management, customized to their needs. Additionally the global team takes advantage of all of Clarizen’s collaboration features including notes, discussions and notifications. The PMO Manager shared that the roadmap provides the Company with a “fantastic feature that was one of the major selling points. We use it with management meetings and share milestones.”

A Leading International Entertainment Company has expanded the use of Clarizen beyond what the team initially expected. “Once the first set of users were on board, more people were eager to engage,” shared the PMO Manager. A Leading International Entertainment Company is able to easily collaborate with third party vendors that are able to log into Clarizen and take part in project work.

Tangible results achieved with Clarizen include measurable demand management and benefit management as a result of improved project planning and implementation. “Live data allows us to continue developing projects,” shares the PMO Manager.

The Company is now able to maximize value of the PMO with a deep dive into project time and analyzing project delivery. Report development that previously took two weeks now takes a few hours. With improved visibility and weekly governance the PMO team continues to benefit from improved planning, project implementation and team collaboration.


  • Visibility and Transparency – “More visibility than ever before with demand rising for IT projects”
  • Project Planning and Project Management- “At each state and phase we have a clear understanding of how many projects are approved or rejected”
  • Improved Project Planning – Weekly governance process to review demand
  • Efficiency: Preparation of executive reports that previously took 3 days now takes half a day

“The Clarizen roadmap provides the company with a fantastic feature that was one of the major selling points. We use it with management meetings and share milestones.” - VP Technology Oversight A Leading International Entertainment Company