Bathroom furniture production with Projectplace

About Burgbad

Bathroom furniture manufacturer Burgbad is known for its use of the most modern materials, dynamic product development and innovative design concepts. Its strong growth over the past few years has led to more internal and external people becoming involved in product development processes. To meet this challenge, a centralized collaboration and project management platform was introduced, which enables important information to be shared, and tasks as well as responsibilities to be assigned via kanban boards.

“Product development projects in our industry tend to be freely structured, with different schedules and durations and numerous specialists involved in the different project phases,” says Barbara Burmann, the project manager in charge at Burgbad. “That is why you need a central platform to demonstrate this exchange of information, to drive decision making processes forward and assign the numerous partial tasks involved in product development to individual employees.”

The Challenge

A number of internal company departments and external contributors are involved in the development of new products. Centralized access to documents as well as smooth collaboration play an important role.


Fast and uncomplicated communication as well as a simple document exchange are intended to optimally support the product development process.


With Projectplace, the company has found a centralized collaboration platform that integrates and speeds up product development processes, improving collaboration and transparency among the team members and enabling them to focus on the outcome.

Pragmatic project management

While in the past at Burgbad it was still possible to develop products without the support of a centralized collaboration tool and manage project data via MS Project, over the past year it has become clear that this method was ineffective.

Because of this, Barbara Burmann set out to look for a solution. She defined a detailed set of specifications and analysed the software packages available on the market. In doing so, it quickly became obvious that most of the matches between her wish list and possible solutions were found with Projectplace’s web-based tool. “Our requirements profile was almost entirely congruent with the functions offered by Projectplace – for example in the areas of document management, communication, integration of external providers and the innovative assignment of tasks according to the kanban method,” recalls the Project Manager. She opted for the Swedish provider, who has been a leading force in the area of innovative and team-oriented project work for many years now; since then, designers, product developers and other specialists have been using Projectplace on a daily basis.

Kanban boards are fun

Even if it is always a little bit of an effort to change your work habits or procedures, the new tool unexpectedly found quick support among users. “Because Projectplace is a highly intuitive tool and everybody was immediately and optimally informed of the progress and changes in product development, we got positive feedback shortly after adopting this solution,” says Burmann. “You can really say that using Projectplace has had a very good impact on team spirit and the atmosphere.”

Working with the kanban boards in particular, which can also be described as “electronic Post-Its“, has motivated employees. This makes it possible, for example, to split up complex task packages and assign them to different project members. Because of this, in turn, tasks are completed more quickly, which increases motivation and drives project progress forward. A further positive side effect: since we started working with kanban boards, we are also able to react faster and better in cases of overload, holidays or absence by assigning current and upcoming tasks to colleagues using Drag&Drop.

Last but not least, Barbara Burmann is happy to announce that today the many product development processes run substantially smoother and more integratedly than ever before. In an internal survey she conducted among staff, 80% of her colleagues made positive statements and said that both collaboration and transparency had improved in product development projects. In fact, 60% even stated that they found the kanban approach especially goal-oriented. Moreover, remarks Barbara Burmann, she would not even want to think about what it would mean if Burgbad had to go back to working without Projectplace again.Project management and more.