Everyone is a project manager

Results from the 2018 Global Study of Project Collaboration

Planview surveyed 650 professionals involved in managing or working on projects. The survey respondents are typical of many workers who are thrown into the project management mix without a formal title, training, or credentials.

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Just because a company puts a team of people together doesn’t mean it will automatically be uber-productive.

  • 66%
    of the survey respondents said they are not project management certified but manage projects as part of their official responsibilities.
  • 20%
    are “accidental” project managers who – in addition to their day job ‐ find themselves managing projects.
  • 25%
    of respondents estimate that their teams waste more than 20 hours per month due to collaboration inefficiencies. That’s six weeks per year that teams are not being productive!

Take a Deep Dive into the Survey Results

Take a Deep Dive into the Survey Results

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  • The top project team collaboration hurdles
  • Consequences of poor collaboration
  • What people want in a project collaboration tool
  • Five steps to improve project collaboration
  • Action items to start a conversation
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Everyone is a Project Manager

Everyone is a Project Manager Watch now: Everyone is a Project Manager

Watch this short video to get an overview of the trends uncovered in the 2018 global project collaboration survey.

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