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Results from the Sixth Product Portfolio Management Benchmark Study

Nearly 500 product development professionals provided insights into product development industry trends, challenges, and risks. Top performers stood out regarding how they responded in terms of performance, process and technology usage, providing a clear roadmap for other companies struggling to achieve higher levels of innovation and product profitability.

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The ability to pick winning products and improve time to market can be realized leveraging product portfolio management best practices.

  • 49%
    of survey respondents feel that wasting time and/or money is the greatest risk when managing their product portfolio.
  • 78%
    of survey respondents are striving to achieve excellence in accurately managing and forecasting resource capacity.
  • 41%
    of survey respondents note an increased complexity in developing and communicating product roadmaps with the addition of smarter, more connected products to their portfolio.

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Executive Brief

Learn the five things top performers do differently to deliver profitable, innovative products

  • Access to more accurate, timely portfolio data to make decisions
  • Follow portfolio processes more consistently
  • Reallocate people and money to higher value innovations
  • Have better portfolio and resource capacity management
  • Use PPM technology to enable these best practices
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The Surprising Secrets to Delivering Smarter, More Connected Products

The Surprising Secrets to Delivering Smarter, More Connected Products Watch now: The Surprising Secrets to Delivering Smarter, More Connected Products

Together with independent research firm, Tech-Clarity, Planview has published the Sixth Product Portfolio Management Benchmark Study. Carrie Nauyalis, Executive in Residence provides a brief overview of the study, its participants, and best practices of top performing companies.

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