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Privacy Statement and internal Privacy Policy

Planview maintains a comprehensive privacy statement describing the types of personal identifiable information we collect, how and why we use, share and in what way we secure that information. We also inform about how you can access and exercise your rights as a registered , and how to update your information.

Planview’s Privacy Policy is an internal guidance for how employees and contracted agents shall handle personal identifiable information of customers and prospects. The policy is complemented by specific instructions to each business area, depending on the nature of that business area and what personal identifiable information they process.

From a privacy perspective, Plainview’s operations are divided between processing activities we perform on behalf of our customers (our products), and activities performed for our own business (for marketing). Our responsibilities are varying depending on the subject matter of the processing activities.

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EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR went into effect in 2018 and imposes strict requirements related to the way organizations store and process the personal data of EU citizens. As a global company, Planview understands the important link between privacy and customer trust. All Planview entities adheres to GDPR. The appointment and ongoing efforts of a dedicated Data Privacy Officer (DPO), based in EU (Sweden), are the basis of an increased focus toward earning that trust.

The principles relating to processing of personal data as stated in the GDPR are focus for our compliance work.

  • Lawfulness – We process personal data strictly for our own business, and in accordance with our privacy policy. We inform customers and individuals about our processing activities in our privacy statement. Our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is available for any and all to review.

  • Purpose limitation – We process personal data strictly for the purpose of 1) fulfilling the contractual requirements agreed upon between our customers and us, and/or 2) marketing our products to customers and prospects.

  • Data Minimization – We require only identifiable contact information of customers and users of our products, as well as for our marketing activities. Customer records are being is regularly reviewed and evaluated for accuracy. We have processes in place to ensure we fulfill the rights of a registered individual (data subject) by our DSAR portal.

  • Storage limitation (retention) – We keep and store customer data during the term of contract. Customer accounts are deleted 30 days after contract expiry. Back up logs are stored for the maximum 90 days for customer convenience. Information in customer and user records are stored in our marketing systems for one year after terminated contract. Consent is required for longer storage. At any time during the term of contract, all customer data used in the product is offered portability.

  • Integrity and confidentiality – We have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure all data is protected and secured. We have internal access controls and authorization requirements to all data. All employees are subject to our privacy policy and specific instructions. Annual mandatory trainings and seminars are provided to ensure sufficient awareness and knowledge is achieved. For further description of our technical measures to protect data, please review our information of security.

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