AI in the Enterprise: Opportunities, Challenges, and the Road Ahead

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Is AI a silver bullet or overhyped? Either way, we know this much to be true: AI is a corporate imperative. Nearly three-fourths (73%) of companies are prioritizing AI over all other digital investments, according to research by Accenture. Join moderator Ray Wang and a panel of industry leaders to understand the implications of AI and how leaders can advance responsible AI within their organization, and for their customers.

Discussion Topics

  • AI is not new
  • Implications for enterprise data
  • Improving decision-making and execution
  • How does Generative AI fit in?
  • Responsible AI
  • Implications for knowledge workers
  • What can organizations do now?
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Meet the Panelists

Moderator Ray Wang Principal Analyst, Founder & Chairman Constellation Research Bio
Sejal Amin Chief Technology Officer Shutterstock Bio
Jana Eggers CEO Nara Logics Bio
Razat Gaurav CEO Planview Bio
Rich Sonnenblick Chief Data Scientist Planview Bio

Join Planview on the AI journey

AI has evolved into a transformative technology that can help organizations synthesize large data sets, create new content, predict scenarios, and augment human decision-making. It is quickly becoming a necessity for how the enterprise interacts and uses its data.

By integrating generative AI and machine learning capabilities into the Planview Platform we can empower organizations to make significant advances in their ability to achieve business outcomes. By rapidly bridging insight and intelligence gaps that may exist across the business, we can foster faster pivots, speed time to value, and enable confident strategic decisions. And, sometimes it’s as easy as having a conversation with your data!

Join us for an Executive Briefing as we share how we are using AI to drive transformation and change, and how we can put AI to work within your organization today.

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“By leveraging AI capabilities across the Planview Platform, we build on our position as a digital transformation system of record to become a system of connected intelligence. We’re using AI to seamlessly tap into and synthesize the vast amounts of data that exist across all organizations to change how strategic decisions are made. That’s extremely powerful.”

Razat Gaurav Chief Executive Officer, Planview Bio