Planview platform for connected work

Drive successful transformation and pivot with speed

See how the Planview Platform for Connected Work connects the strategic direction and goals of business leaders to the bottom-up innovation and delivery of teams – accelerating time to value, increasing efficiency to unlock capacity, increasing predictability, and de-risking strategic investments.

Connected work is the future of work

Disconnected data—and the subsequent issue of disconnected work—are two of the top reasons why companies fail to seize market opportunities, outpace their competition, and consistently deliver value to their customers. Using multiple systems, tools, and applications creates a fragmented organization—one that cannot quickly see if it is building the right things, building things right, or creating measurable value.

That is why many of the world’s most innovative companies partner with Planview to connect their data and work. This connection optimizes costs, delivers powerful outcomes, and drives on-strategy delivery at scale.

Whether you’re pursuing a digital or agile transformation, adopting AI to increase productivity, or shifting from a project to a product operating model, Planview is ready help you make transformative changes today.

Planview empowers business, technology, and transformation leaders alike to plan, fund and deliver transformative initiatives while reducing operational costs, maximizing capacity utilization, and decreasing time to value. The Planview Platform will help your organization overcome:

  • Slow time to value and the inability to pivot quickly to change
  • Delayed or unacceptable product and service deliveries
  • Capacity that exceeds demand, or isn’t prioritized to highest value work
  • Disparate tools and siloed data hindering visibility and insights from strategy to delivery
  • Lack of transformation and investment ROI measurement
  • Inability to prioritize strategic investments against expected outcome versus risk

Shorten the time between ideas to outcomes

  • Improve time-to-value and predictability

    Consistently meet customer and market commitments with early warnings into constraints. Planview enables more accurate planning – leveraging leading indicators and better capacity assumptions – and shortens the time from ideas to business outcomes.
  • Increase efficiency to unlock capacity

    Keep your teams focused on strategic objectives by using embedded goal tracking throughout the flow of work. Planview provides deep visibility into capacity utilization, helping business leaders reduce operational costs and redeploy resources by proactively identifying and addressing waste and constraints.
  • De-risk your strategic bets

    Confidently tackle uncertainty when internal or external conditions change. Planview delivers complete and actionable data to enable business to compare plan scenarios and prioritize investments easily. In addition, use the generative AI assistant to tap into the hidden insights within strategy, planning, and delivery data, recommend actions, and confidently make the best strategic decisions.

The Planview Platform for Connected Work

Success in driving transformation requires technology that can help an organization gain a clear view into strategic initiatives, shift priorities, adapt to change, and deliver outcomes faster. The Planview Platform for Connected Work is the key to unlocking a successful digital transformation that accelerates time to value, unlocks efficiency and enhances strategic decision-making confidence.

  • Solutions

    Power your transformation with best-of-breed industry leading solutions that connect and shape how work gets done across your enterprise.

  • Work Type
    • Products
    • Projects
    • Services

    Empower teams to deliver using the most efficient and productive ways of working, turning aligned priorities into programs, products, services, projects, and technology essential to achieve strategic outcomes.

  • Planview Platform


    • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
    • Prioritization & Scenario Planning
    • Funding and Capacity Planning
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Financial Management
    • Resource Management
    • Innovation Management
    • Hybrid Work Management
    • Work Collaboration
    • Roadmapping
    • Flow Framework®
    • Agile at Scale

    Common Services

    • AI-driven Insights
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • User Admin
    • Curated Data Model
    Work Connectivity | Flow Fabric™

    Leverage Planview’s platform capabilities to innovate, plan, fund, collaborate, and deliver on the priorities that matter most to your business.

  • Enterprise Toolchain
    • Financials & CRM

    • HR & HCM

    • Collaboration


    Software Development Lifecycle

    • Ideate

    • Create

    • Release

    • Operate


    Enable single-pane-of-glass visibility by connecting disparate tools, data and teams with the Flow Fabric.

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Planview Platform Features

  • Translate strategy into delivery by connecting investments, outcomes, products, capabilities, technology, and financials together in a single source of truth.

    • Planview.Me

      Engage in a visually immersive, actionable, and personalized Planview Platform experience. Create unique views based on status, progress, and other data-oriented use cases you need to pinpoint where to focus, issues to address, and risks to mitigate. Take action, investigate, respond, and react with a single click inside a single curated view.

    • Digital Product Insights Dashboard

      Connect software delivery to business outcomes with visibility across the lifecycle of your strategy – from planning to delivery to business impact. Use proactive and predictive value stream management insights to pivot plans and drive on-time delivery.

    • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

      Foster an outcome-based approach to strategy and delivery alignment by establishing a clear line of sight into stategic priorities, keeping the portfolio to the teams focused on shared goals.

    • Roadmaps

      Translate plans into a visual timeline for achieving your business outcomes and completing deliverables. Use shared, interactive roadmaps to collaborate and communicate direction and expectations throughout delivery.

    • Enterprise Architecture

      Engage stakeholders with powerful visualizations to jointly create technology plans that advance capabilities and deliver digital strategies. Standardize and organize IT infrastructure, application capabilities, and governance standards to align with and drive business goals

    • Innovation Management

      Leverage proprietary crowd science algorithms and gated ideation automation to solicit breakthrough ideas from employees, partners, and customers and deliver measurable innovation results, from idea to impact.

  • Plan, replan, and prioritize more effectively with centralized, real-time data and advanced scenario planning. Optimize portfolios, value streams, and products to ensure the best outcomes.

    • Portfolio & Product Funding

      Drive a culture focused on outcomes by funding portfolios, products, or value streams rather than specific project or program investments.

    • Financial Planning & Management

      Support the forecasting of costs and revenue to build a financial plan and baseline a budget. Use the plan to estimate and track the expected risk and benefits of a given investment, whether it is a project, product, portfolio, value stream, or strategy.

    • Capacity Planning

      Get a full picture of your organization’s capacity versus demand, with full visibility into your team and resource availability, so that you can better plan and optimize delivery across the enterprise.

    • Priorization & Scenario Planning

      Create and compare scenarios to evaluate priorities, resources, and timing to achieve portfolio objectives. Visualize impacts of multiple scenarios on prioritization across portfolios, value streams, products, programs, and projects.

    • Teams of Teams Planning

      Do Program Increment (PI) Planning or Quarterly Planning to plan, coordinate, and deliver work across multiple teams leveraging visual Kanban boards to manage, track, and connect work.

  • Visualize, connect, and manage any type of work, deliverables, or value as it flows throughout your organization and teams.

    • Hybrid Work Management

      Support team delivery and project team collaboration, no matter how the work is done. Embrace hybrid ways of working and allows teams to do their best work regardless of delivery tool or methodology – Agile, collaborative, or waterfall.

    • Work Connectivity

      Confidently connect your teams regardless of tool or methodology by utilizing one of the 60+ pre-built, no-code integrations available.

    • Cross-team Work Collaboration

      Leverage highly-visial digital Kanban boards to connect teams and work. Easily facilitate collaboration to plan, organize, and prioritize upcoming work, execute in-progress work, and deliver value.

    • Resource Management

      Get the most effective use of your resource by ensuring everyone is working on the right priorities to deliver the right outcomes.

  • Leverage real-time, actionable insights to drive alignment and deliver the best business outcomes possible.

    • Real-time Reporting & Analytics

      Use built-in metrics or create custom dashboards to assess team performance, make sound strategic decisions, measure and communicate progress, track and balance financials, or understand delivery issues with high-impact visualizations.

    • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

      Foster an outcome-based approach to strategy and delivery alignment by establishing a clear line of sight into stategic priorities, keeping the portfolio to the teams focused on shared goals.

    • Digital Product Insights Dashboard

      Connect software delivery to business outcomes with visibility across the lifecycle of your strategy – from planning to delivery to business impact. Use proactive and predictive value stream management insights to pivot plans and drive on-time delivery.

    • Generative AI Assistant

      Empower every employee from the team room to the board room with access, connection, and unprecedented visibility into your organization’s unique data intelligence. Easily converse and question your data using natural language to glean insights, derive recommendations and facilitation work-oriented actions.

    • Value Stream Analytics

      Use Flow Metrics to go beyond conventional metrics with insights into what needs to change. Understand the root cause of current of value stream performance, at both a macro and micro level.

    • Planview Copilot

      Planview Copilot empowers employees from the team room to the board room with access, connection, and visibility into your organization’s data and the insights hidden within. Converse with and question your data using natural language to glean insights, derive recommendations based on best practices, and inform strategic decisions.

    • AI Help

      Unlock assistance on-demand with AI Help. Transform your Planview Platform experience with the AI Help in-app interface, providing plain text answers to your questions. Access thousands of pages of customer success center help articles and other product- or solution-specific documentation without ever leaving your screen.

    • Sentiment Analysis

      Understand whether a product, project, or work item is truly on track by analyzing the emotional tone and sentiments of comment and status text as well as computational linguistics behind aggregated comments over time. Use the sentiment scores to reveal positive, neutral, or negative insights and make plan or work pivots before delivery is impacted.

    • Summarizers

      Increase efficiency and productivity across your teams. Turn daily and weekly reporting chores into auto-generated insights. Use AI summarizers to save time, enhance knowledge, and provide actionable information by summarizing risks, issues, and work in progress, and even building release notes with the click of a button.

    • Optimizations & Simulations

      Unlock scenario planning and dive into a realm of ‘what-if’ scenarios and trade-off analyses. Explore multiple avenues to pinpoint the most efficient and effective allocation of your capital and capacity for peak performance and strategic success.

Connect work across your enterprise with Planview solutions

The Planview Platform for Connected Work is the foundation for solutions spanning a breadth of use cases.

  • Value Stream Management

    Enables creation of an end-to-end control plane that accurately integrates and distills data from the entire product development cycle to create definitive, board-ready visibility into software delivery.
  • Strategic Portfolio Management

    Empowers executives, transformation and strategy leaders, finance, and EPMOs to drive business outcomes across multiple functions, create dynamic plans to adapt with change, and accelerate on-strategy delivery.
  • Software Toolchain Integration

    Enables IT and software delivery teams to improve efficiency in software delivery by connecting complex tool environments to foster seamless collaboration.
  • Project Portfolio Management

    Helps PMOs optimize program and project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, prioritize work, focus resources, and empower teams to deliver work that drives value to the business.
  • Enterprise Agile Planning

    Empowers executives, software development, Agile and transformation leaders to embrace new ways of working, connect strategic plans and funding to Agile delivery, and scale Agile on their terms and timeline.
  • Product Portfolio Management

    Empowers R&D leaders and product organizations to prioritize high-value products, identify risks and opportunities, optimize resource capacity – balancing the product mix to achieve target revenue and profitability.
  • Professional Services Automation

    Enables services organizations to connect project, resource, and financial management capabilities in order to gain visibility across the entire opportunity-to-revenue lifecycle.

Planview is a recognized innovator and industry leader

Planview has been recognized time and time again for our contributions to Portfolio and Work Management innovation, making us a unique partner for accelerating transformation. See what industry analysts have to say.

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“While transformation is largely dependent on culture and behavior, it also requires the right people, process, and tools. Planview enables NatWest [formerly RBS] to maintain a controlled environment and provide transparency of delivery across our Agile teams. At the same time, we are able to track the main-level financial data, outcomes, and business cases, and ultimately the delivery of value throughout our business domains (value streams). You don’t go from one end of the Agile journey in one go. It’s a transition, step by step, and Planview is helping us get there.”


Steve Marjot

Head of Change Centre of Excellence, NatWest

Read case study • NatWest

Flowserve Corporation

“Our goal is pretty simple: be adaptive and flexible to change. As a result, we are constantly evolving our product portfolio and business models in our many locations. This allows us to be more progressive about how teams work together and prioritize work based on location. With Planview, our strategic partnership means we have a close day-to-day working relationship that extends far beyond a simple piece of software. We love how quickly we can apply new models of working to our business processes, organization roles and responsibilities, and to our metrics.”

Flowserve Corporation

Eric van Gemeren

Chief Transformation Officer, Flowserve Corporation

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Planview has one mission: to build the future of connected work, from ideas to impact. Planview helps organizations accelerate the achievement of what matters most, supporting our customers from need to speed, from passion to progress, and from overhead to optimization. Our connected platform of solutions underpins the business and digital transformations of more than 4,500 customers globally, including 59 of the Fortune 100. Planview empowers enterprises to improve time-to-market and predictability, increase efficiency to unlock capacity, and ensure their most strategic initiatives deliver the desired business outcomes.

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