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Shorten the time it takes to transition from a legacy project model into a mature and sustainable product operating model. This complimentary offering provides a concrete roadmap and data-driven approach to completing the shift.

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Bridge the gap from experimentation to operationalizing

Over the past five years, enterprises have been striving to transition from traditional project-oriented managerial frameworks to the product operating model serving digital natives so well. While some have completed the journey, others are finding it challenging to advance past exploratory phases.

Operationalizing a product model is critical to shortening time-to-market and enabling the rapid feedback loops necessary to incubate and launch capabilities at a rapid pace. According to McKinsey, to meet future revenue expectations, companies across all industries must dramatically increase their efforts to build new businesses. These new businesses will rely on new technology products, ranging from data and analytics platforms to connected products to software-as-a-service.

Typically, after initial experimentation with the product model, organizations struggle to build a concrete roadmap and a viable business case for the sustained effort required to transform across all seven dimensions of the operating model: team organization and resourcing, customer centricity, the definition of value, backlog management and prioritization, dependency management, feedback speed, and delivery team metrics. It’s common to lose track of the progress you’ve made and the work left to be done.

If you are a CIO, CTO, Transformation Leader, or Engineering Leader, and your company’s shift to a product model is treading water, Planview’s experts can help it reach the finish line.

How can Planview help?

With appropriate prioritization, a concrete roadmap, and a data-driven approach, organizations can accelerate the remainder of their journey.

Planview’s Personalized Assessment and Roadmap offering leverages the framework laid out by Planview CTO, Dr. Mik Kersten, in his bestselling book, Project to Product, and its practical and successful application with hundreds of complex enterprises. Mik and his team have had the closest seat at the table and can apply their hard-earned insights and best practices to specific corporate realities.

In this complimentary offering, Planview experts will work with your leadership team to build a practical roadmap to operationalize and sustain a mature product model.

  • Assess your progress
    on the continuum from project to product

  • Identify the root causes
    preventing you from completing the shift

  • Build a practical roadmap
    for the work to be done to operationalize the model, stage by stage

  • Learn how to measure,
    monitor, and keep the journey on track

  • Develop a business case
    to prioritize the initiative

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Why now?

According to the 2023 Project to Product State of the Industry Report, most enterprises have not closed the necessary gaps to compete with high-performing tech-based competitors:

  • 70%

    Project-oriented IT organizations devote 70% of delivery capacity to defect remediation and production incidents

  • 40%

    40% of team efforts are wasted due to overload and bottlenecks

  • 3+ months

    Completed code commonly idles for 3+ months before it’s released

  • 90%

    90% of software delivery value streams measure outputs instead of impact as key results

Unfavorable market conditions won’t provide cover for continuing with the status quo. On the contrary: in boardrooms across the globe, executives are being asked to prioritize IT investments that ensure the organization will transform and emerge stronger from the current economic downturn. The product-based operating model holds the key to increased efficiency, better customer outcomes, and profitable growth. Spending another five to ten years in an old operating model is not an option. The time to prioritize completing the transition is now. And while there are no shortcuts, there is a roadmap of best practices that accelerates the transition.

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Emerge from the current economic downturn with a stronger operating model.

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