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Technology leaders face a dire situation: only 8% of Agile plans are delivered, completed code idles for months, and IT capacity is overestimated by tenfold (1). Additionally, a staggering 87% of tech workers are delayed by dependencies, while 55% of value streams are overloaded. With $3.4 trillion projected for digital transformation by 2026 by the IDC (2) and only 20% of executives confident in resource allocation (3), enhanced data-driven decision-making is essential to keep strategy aligned with execution.


Only 20% of executives are confident in the resources allocated for implementation.

Source: Economist Impact, 2023. Bridging the Gap: Turning Strategy into Reality.

Business leaders believe IT teams can deliver 10X more than their actual capacity.

Source: Planview, 2023. The 2023 Project to Product State of the Industry Report.

85% of executives say their organization’s ability to adapt to change falls short.

Source: Economist Impact, 2023. Bridging the Gap: Turning Strategy into Reality.
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Transform your development strategy and maximize team efficiency with Planview’s Software Development Waste Calculator. Leveraging insights from 49 organizations and 6,400+ value streams over the last five years, this tool identifies the key drivers of waste in software development, providing a clear path to optimization. Simply input your data, and within moments, receive a tailored report using industry benchmarks to pinpoint areas for improvement and actionable recommendations. Equip your team with data-driven insights and elevate your organization’s performance today.

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