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Discover your Agile transformation Return on Investment (ROI)

Step 1

Estimate the value of an Agile transformation with Planview

Need proof that effective Agile at scale will positively impact your organization’s bottom-line? Use the Planview Agile Transformation ROI Calculator to understand how Agile scaling and an Agile transformation, with the right partner, can benefit your business.

See how the Planview Enterprise Agile Planning solution can help you decrease time to market, optimize costs and improve employee productivity on your path to Agile transformation.

Step 2

Further refine your input for more customized results (optional)

Use the estimates we’ve provided or adjust the average annual budget, percentage of transformation projects, and typical project duration to get a more customized estimate.

How many projects or initiatives does your organization fund per year?


How many full-time developers or Agile team members do you have in your organization?

If you are unsure how many developers or Agile team members you have, estimate by multiplying the number of Agile teams by 7.

What percentage of projects/initiatives are delivered each year using Agile methodologies?


What is the average annual budget per project and/or initiative?

$100K $10M Required

On average, how many months does it take your organization to complete a project or bring a product/project to market?

3 Months 24 Months Required

Your estimated total benefits over a three-year period

Scaling and growing Agile within your organization can really pay off by improving time to market, optimizing costs, and improving the productivity and satisfaction of your teams.

Ready to learn more? Download your personalized ROI brief.

Would you like to understand more about how scaling Agile and/or an Agile transformation can benefit your organization? Download a detailed report. Your personalized ROI brief has been created just for you based on the data you entered in the calculator.

See our Enterprise Agile Planning solution in action

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