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  • New Tasktop Data product launched with Tasktop 4.0, unlocks Agile, ALM and DevOps | Tasktop Blog

    From Galileo’s telescope to the scanning electron microscope, scientific progress has been punctuated by the technology that enabled new forms of measurement. Yet in the discipline of software delivery, robust measurement has been elusive. When I set out on a mission to double developer productivity, I ended up spending a good portion of my PhD...

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  • Spigit Releases Industry–First Capabilities - Spigit

    Spigit dévoile les premières capacités du secteur et ouvre une nouvelle ère de gestion du cycle de vie complet des idées, permettant aux entreprises de passer de l'idée à l'impact.

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  • The Power of Scaling Agile While Maintaining Control | Tasktop Blog

    Delivering high-quality software stresses most IT organizations. Software operates in complex technical environments, complicating analysis and design. Teams are diverse and distributed, challenging collaboration and development of shared understanding. And outdated processes and independent development tools tend to silo business analysts, designers, developers, and testers, adding overhead to what CIOs wish could be an efficient...

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  • The Case for Integration | Tasktop Blog

    Putting the L in ALM – Making the case for Lifecycle Integration I think everyone agrees that software delivery is not an ancillary business process but is actually a key business process, and the ability to deliver software faster, cheaper, and of a higher quality is a competitive advantage. But delivering software is difficult, and...

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  • Why SLI Matters? | Tasktop Blog

    We’ve spent the last decade watching the shifts and trends in an industry that is eating the world. Software is increasingly becoming the basis for competitive advantage in nearly every industry. As Tasktop has evolved from an organization that focused solely on the developer to an organization that is now focused on the end-to-end aspects...

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  • Idea to Impact: The Maturity of Innovation Programs - Spigit

    Innovation leaders need to focus on the backend of innovation – developing ideas and measuring their success – by leveraging full lifecycle idea management practices, not just collecting ideas. Here's why.

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  • Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Closure Phase of a Project

    Once a project is completed, it’s important to follow through on the closure phase. In this blog, we’ll discuss the aspects of the closure phase you need to focus on.

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  • Announcing the Tasktop DevOps Integration Hub | Tasktop Blog

    Some of the most interesting problems in technology only surface at scale.  For the past few years, the majority of Tasktop’s customers have been using Sync to achieve scaled Agile. Without tool chain integration, it is impossible to get hundreds or thousands of IT staff adopting enterprise Agile methodologies such as SAFe, DAD, Scrum.org’s Nexus...

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  • The Changing Landscape of Portfolio Management

    Consider product portfolio management as a tool in your IT portfolio management approach in the changing landscape of portfolio management.

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  • Time to put Security into the Software Development Lifecycle | Tasktop Blog

    On September 4, 2014 WhiteHat and Tasktop announced their partnership, while simultaneously introducing the WhiteHat Integration Server. The WhiteHat Integration Server is an OEM of Tasktop Sync technology, which includes a connector to WhiteHat Sentinel, and a selection of connectors. The addition of security to the Tasktop ecosystem is important for so many reasons. Security...

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