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  • The Plan Goes Bust!

    Le mythe de la planification annuelle s'écroule !

    Annual planning isn’t easy. At the end of the process, you’ve got a game plan for the coming year. The reality is, that well thought-out plan gets shifted often due to new demand. Find out about the movement to continuous planning.

  • Role of Today’s PMO

    The Role of Today’s PMO

    It is time to rethink the role of the PMO and change the conversations you have with the business. Find out how you can begin to transform the role of your PMO.

  • Planification continue

    Make the PMO Valuable with Continuous Planning

    The PMO is in the best place to improve communication with the business and force the business to prioritize investments. Create a dynamic continuous planning process that improves your ability to prioritize and adapt, ensuring you are delivering value to the business while considering capacity constraints.

  • #BeThatPMO

    #BeThatPMO with Planview Portfolios

    The PMO can drive planning and prioritization. Learn how proven processes in Planview Portfolios enable you to create scenarios and offer trade off decisions mapped to strategy and outcomes while ensuring you have the capacity to deliver
    on those scenarios. Find out more.

  • Can We #BeThatPMO?

    Can We #BeThatPMO?

    Still not convinced that you can drive the change in your planning and prioritization process? Carina Hatfield, product manager at Planview, addresses some common objections from PMO leaders hesitant to drive this change. Also gain insight into steps you can take now to implement a continuous planning process.

CIO Quick Pulse Planning for Digital Economy

Planning for the Digital Economy

An IDG/CIO Quick Poll Study Report

In a recent CIO Magazine poll, 85% of IT leaders report their organizations deviate from the annual plan several times a year. There is a growing need for improved adaptability to new demands in today’s digital economy. Transform your planning processes to better manage these changes.

Take a look at the study findings

Planview’s solution for Strategic Planning

Planview Portfolios is designed to help you plan iteratively, adapt quickly to changing business conditions, and easily engage participants in the planning process while providing an integrated view of your organization’s entire planning dataset.
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