AdaptiveWork Go Sync

The seamless integration between Clarizen One and Clarizen Go gives agile teams the freedom to work the way they work best, while effortlessly increasing visibility into their progress, in real-time, from Clarizen One.

About This App

The sync between Clarizen One and Clarizen Go converts data from Clarizen Go fields into Clarizen One standard fields. This app makes it easy to:

  • Streamline the project intake and prioritization process. New projects and tasks can be initiated directly from Clarizen Go or they can be triggered as part of an existing Clarizen One intake processes to unify project review and prioritization.
  • Evaluate resources across a portfolio of work. Convert Clarizen Go assignees into Clarizen One resources and sync Task assignments and dates.
  • View work progress across a portfolio. Once Clarizen Go workspaces are synced with Clarizen One, all project data is immediately available as a Clarizen One project and can be included in any dashboard or report.


Version History

20206034-Jun-2020Allows new Tasks in a synced Clarizen One Project to be synced to Clarizen Go. Work Policy for synced Clarizen One Task will be set to ‘Fixed Duration’.
20204058-Apr-2020The values from “Clarizen Go Estimate Effort”, “Clarizen Go Actual Effort” and “Clarizen Go Remaining Effort” in Clarizen One will be populated from Clarizen Go. However, the values will not be transferred to “Work”, “Actual Effort” and “Remaining Effort” anymore. Reports in the app have been modified to reflect the changes. Where the transfer to those fields are necessary, you can create workflow rules in Clarizen One. Samples of the workflow rule will be available in our Success site.
202032525-Mar-2020Disabling “Actual Effort from Timesheet” for Task synced with Clarizen Go.
Updating fields in Clarizen One for items newly created from Clarizen Go.
202031717-Mar-2020Name change only

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