Prévention du reporting sur des éléments de travail incorrects

Empêchez les utilisateurs de rapporter accidentellement l'état d'avancement d'éléments de travail non exécutables (généralement, des éléments de travail qui dépendent d'un élément de travail non achevé).

About This App

This app prevents users from accidentally reporting progress on non executable work items (typically work items that depend on a non completed work item).

The validation is performed when attempting to update % completion.

For items that have their actual effort updated from timesheet, validation is also performed when the user reports effort on the timesheet.

Validation Rules

EntityRule NameDescription
Work ItemPrevent reporting % completion on non executable work itemsPrevent changing % completion of non executable work items.
TimesheetPrevent reporting for non executable work itemsPrevent new entries on timesheet for non executable work items that have actual effort updated from timesheet.