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Agile Program Managers

Optimize team performance

Maximize value delivery

No one said your job was easy, but truly great Agile Program Managers will make most believe otherwise. Responsible for the successful planning and execution of a program, you help to manage teams of teams to track and resolve program risks and impediments as well as navigate dependencies. You’re also tasked with leveling up status and progress information to portfolio and company leadership while also distilling down priorities and strategic guidance from leadership to the teams.

In order to do your job effectively, you need end-to-end visibility into all aspects of the programs you help orchestrate and a means of sharing insights with others. This can only be accomplished when all the elements of a program, and associated data, can be intelligently connected.

How Planview can help

Get end-to-end visibility

Agile Portfolio Kanban Screen to Deliver with Confidence Afficher

See the flow of value across teams of teams, in real-time, with highly configurable program boards. With clear line of sight into work spanning all teams, provide accurate insight on the status and progress of work to all stakeholders.

Plan and deliver with confidence

Agile Portfolio Kanban Screen to Deliver with Confidence Afficher

Effectively align strategy to delivery by helping teams define backlogs and draft realistic plans based on top-level objectives. Ensure teams are within their capacity and WIP limits to help them successfully deliver on their commitments.

Connect teams

Agile Program Kanban display screen Afficher

Connect teams working in a mix of Agile team tools – including Jira Software, Azure DevOps, Rally Software, Digital.ai, and more – leveraging an array of workflows and configurations.

Identify risks and remove roadblocks

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Understand risks to plans resulting from dependency conflicts, blockers, and resource constraints, and help drive proactive measures to enable teams to deliver on time.

Optimize flow and promote continuous improvement

Agile Program Kanban Screen to Display Workflow Afficher

Utilize board health metrics involving bottlenecks, WIP, and throughput to guide the optimization of workflows, improve velocity, and better prioritize efforts for more predictable delivery. Use Lean and Agile metrics to assess team performance and promote continuous improvement. 

Provide executive-level insights

Agile Program Execution Dashboard Afficher

Ditch static spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and emails. Deliver real-time analytics and consistent reporting to executive leadership by leveraging the open data access we provide to build custom reporting in tools like Power BI, Tableau, and more.

Hear what our customers have to say

[Board owners] always know the status without sending a single email. Everything they need is right there and people can work in whichever way that helps them be effective in delivery.

Alexis Swann

IT Portfolio Manager, Emory Healthcare

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Collaboration,Functionality,Task Management,Visualization,Visibility

“Using LeanKit saves time versus trying to do things in a regular manner. It is highly collaborative; everybody can see things in one place. It is a highly functional, but pretty simple tool. That is hard to find: A tool that has a lot of functions, but is also simple.”
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Collaboration,Time Tracking,Reporting ,Portfolio Management,Task Management,Project Management

“Planview PPM Pro is being used by several departments. We use it for status reporting to executives, portfolio management, scheduling, project management, and timekeeping. It helps ensure we have one location for the single source and updated truth about a project.”
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Patti Jansen Sr Project Manager-IT PMO
EchoStar Corporation
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Project Management,Portfolio Management,Ease of Use,Task Management

“Work request within Planview PPM Pro capture tool provides visibility in our project meetings for projects that need to be approved and put into the project portfolio. Being able to associate a request that’s been approved to project creation, cuts downtime a project manager needs to create a project.”
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Patti Jansen Sr Project Manager-IT PMO
EchoStar Corporation
Read product review:Planview PPM Pro™ (formerly Innotas®)
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Planview LeanKit™

“LeanKit delivers optimal flexibility at the team level while providing a standardized data model that allows us to generate roll-up reporting for management and executive levels. We will continue to use LeanKit to increase our organizational effectiveness and value to the business.”
Pascal Pinck Director of Product Development Capabilities
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Planview LeanKit™

« Pour la première fois, chacun a une parfaite compréhension des objectifs et des priorités des clients, ainsi que de la manière dont son rôle particulier contribue à apporter de la valeur à l'entreprise. »
Franck Lombardo Responsable de la qualité et de l'amélioration continue
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Étude de cas d'un client

Planview LeanKit™

“LeanKit is a great supervisory tool that helps me to easily keep track of everything without having to ask for status updates.”
Alex Naddell Managing Partner
Read case study:Vaco
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Planview’s Agile Program Management Solution

Get the insight you need to understand what’s really going on across your Agile teams, help them plan, coordinate, and deliver your organization’s biggest initiatives on time, and provide transparency to (and build confidence with) those setting the strategy for your business with Planview’s Agile Program Management solution.

Learn more about Planview’s Agile Program Management solution

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