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Embrace New Ways of Working with Planview FLEX

Adapt for the Changing World of Work

The Changing World of Work @ Planview

Embrace new ways of working. Empower teams with the best tools in the market for getting work done while staying on track to achieve the outcomes the business and customers need.

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Shift to new ways of working

Companies are combining work methodologies in different ways in order to achieve strategic success.

In the changing world of work, Planview FLEX empowers organizations to support team delivery, no matter how the work is done. Organizations can embrace these new ways of working and offer teams the ability to use the right work experience and tool for delivery – Lean-Agile, collaborative, or traditional PPM. Team members leverage the best delivery tool that helps them achieve their goals and outcomes, even as ways of work, competition, priorities, and the market continue to shift and evolve.>

With FLEX, the work delivered is tied back into the integrated strategy plan through portfolio management, ensuring that the right people are working on the right initiatives and bringing stakeholder visibility, drive organizational alignment, and enable enterprise-wide transformation.


Le monde du travail se transforme : Saurez-vous évoluer pour ne pas vous faire distancer ?

Le développement de l'adaptabilité exige de mettre à profit de nouvelles méthodes de travail afin d'optimiser et d'accélérer l'exécution stratégique.

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Planview Customers Adapting for the Changing World of Work

“With Planview’s collaborative work management and Lean-Agile delivery tools, we can offer tools that suit different styles, whether it’s agile, waterfall, or an approach unique to the client.”

Kevin Keen

Project Manager, Corporate Project Office, CIBC Mellon

Il existe une façon de travailler novatrice et audacieuse

Les solutions Planview vous offrent une visibilité centralisée sur l'ensemble de votre organisation et aident les équipes à collaborer pour créer de la valeur.