Active Directory User Sync v2

Automatisez la synchronisation des groupes et utilisateurs Active Directory sélectionnés de votre réseau dans votre organisation Clarizen grâce à Active Directory User Sync.

About This App

Active Directory User Sync helps you automate the synchronization of selected Active Directory groups and users into your Clarizen organization.

It is a downloadable (.msi) Windows program (“Agent”) that should be run on a Windows PC or server with connectivity to both your Active Directory system and your Clarizen organization.

The sync can be scheduled to perform recurring sync and handles both user provisioning and de-provisioning according to changes in Active Directory.

Installing the Add-in

  1. Download and unzip file to your Clarizen organization from the “Packages” section at the bottom of this page
  2. Run the MSI Windows installer to complete the install
  3. Install the Administration Reports app to your Clarizen organization from the “Download Now” button at the top of this page
  4. For advanced configuration details, please contact your Clarizen Customer Success Manager


Using the Add-in

Install Package.Net VersionInstaller TypePackage Link
ActiveDirectorySyncInstaller.msi v1.

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