Sparx Systems EA

Sparx Systems EA

By using Tasktop to integrate Sparx EA with a requirements management tool, users can get the benefit of a visual modelling as well as the ability to use the governance, traceability and precision necessary in requirements management. The Sparx EA integration improves collaboration by allowing business analysts to use the tool most appropriate for the job, while enabling developers, testers and other to receive work in their tool of choice
. It enables traceability between models and requirements in Sparx EA, and requirements and other artifacts in other developer tools.

See the complete list of tools you can integrate with Sparx EA. Sparx EA is supported via Sparx Pro Cloud Server.

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Other popular integrations

  • • bmc-gateway
  • • Jira 2
  • • jama-gateway
  • • ibm-gateway
  • • target-process-gateway
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