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Spigit enables you to harness the collective knowledge of your employees and partners to identify new business models, transformative opportunities, safety improvements and more.

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Pioneering a cleaner world with crowdsourced innovation

With a heavy reliance on fossil fuels, growing economic demand for resources, and public policy decisions to curb greenhouse gas emissions, it’s more critical than ever for energy and utility companies to lead humanity to a more sustainable future. And while doing so, optimize the customer experience, and provide an environment in which employees can thrive.

As the demand for clean energy continues to grow, companies need to find new business models and opportunities to maintain a competitive advantage while driving towards the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable world.

A growing number of successful energy and utility companies have identified a new way to surface opportunities for driving both business and societal value. Crowdsourced innovation is the process of gathering and surfacing ideas and solutions from your workforce, customers, and suppliers. Innovation management software, such as Spigit, then enables the automation and acceleration of this process – from generating ideas to bringing them to market, to drive business results.

As the largest innovation management solution provider, Spigit understands the innovation needs of the energy industry. And with a number of the world’s top energy and utilities companies using Spigit to implement innovative ideas that drive down costs, increase safety, and improve margins, we have the experience to prove it.

Spigit innovation management software was designed to help you deliver efficiency, reduce risks, and lower costs.

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Spigit innovation management software was designed to help energy and utility companies drive innovation

“We’ve been predominantly using the innovation tool in Spigit to capture ideas for the overall business…we were able to come up with an idea for a mobile app for customers to quickly report service problems, [dramatically reducing] the time it takes [to send] out field technicians to remedy the problem.”

George Ponton

Head of Research and Innovation, Scottish Water

Leading energy and utility companies use Spigit to drive innovation and produce business results

  • Ideas from the Spigit Innovation Platform Dramatically Improve Customer Service

    Scottish Water created The Innovation Pool to find better ways to improve compliance, reduce negative impact incidents, and adapt to changing business realities like global warming and high customer expectations.

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