Advance Capabilities And Technology For Digital Business

with Planview® Enterprise Architecture software

Planview Enterprise Architecture enables technology strategists and enterprise architects to engage stakeholders with powerful visualizations to jointly create technology plans that advance capabilities and deliver digital strategies.

Drive business outcomes by connecting technology with strategic initiatives

with Planview Enterprise Architecture software

Going digital means rewiring enterprise operating models, placing advanced capabilities and technology innovation at the core of digital strategies. Connected enterprise architecture is foundational to the digital transformations that strengthen a company’s ability to accelerate time to market, improve productivity, and increase investment confidence to ensure resources are focused on what matters most.

With enterprise architecture software as a vital part of Planview’s strategy to delivery platform, you can model and link strategies to business capabilities and your technology portfolio to transform operating models. Dynamic visualizations lead to the best decisions to close gaps, prioritize investments, lower technical debt, and mitigate risk.

  • Accelerate time to market

    Understand gaps and mature business capabilities to advance digital transformation.
  • Enable strategic decisions

    Compare alternate scenarios to see the impact of proposed changes to your technology environment.
  • Optimize cost structure

    Develop action plans to address redundant, unused, or vulnerable applications and legacy technology.
  • Reduce security and performance risks

    Translate business requirements into technology standards that help your organization meet strategic objectives while minimizing cost, reducing technical debt, and mitigating risk.
  • Decrease time to deliver technology changes

    Connect capability and technology management with portfolio and resource management, for an integrated approach to drive future state architecture.

Planview Enterprise Architecture features

  • Translate strategy into delivery across the enterprise. Connect investments, outcomes, capabilities, technology, milestones, and financials to achieve strategic goals.

    • Business Capability Planning

      Evaluate business capabilities against business goals. Help the business anticipate investment opportunities and make planning a continuous process.

    • Technology Roadmapping

      Create cross-functional roadmaps that connect strategy, investments, and technology. Keep the organization aligned to ensure the delivery of products, technology, and applications to support business objectives.

    • Strategy Mapping

      Model the organization’s strategy to help focus on business objectives, prioritize initiatives, and define the leading and lagging metrics for success.

  • Optimize technology portfolios to ensure outcomes. Adapt plans with change; visualize relationships between strategies, capabilities, apps, programs, products, and projects.

    • Metamodel

      Model complex portfolios and enhance governance with our library of component types. It is based on best practices of the Global 2000 to streamline your work.

    • Application and Technology Portfolio Management

      Rationalize technology and application portfolios by purposefully managing their lifecycles. Document and share critical milestones so that all decision makers know when to use which technology.

    • Scenario Modeling

      Analyze alternate models for transformation. Create technology and application models to examine scenarios for moving to a new future state.

    • Impact Analysis

      Validate change options effectively. Understand how potential changes will affect your business to ensure accurate scoping and predictable delivery times.

  • Ensure strategy, EA, and program teams work together to deliver desired outcomes by providing architecture standards that reduce costs and mitigate risks.

    • Governance and Standards

      Monitor compliance with technology standards. Plan for a standard technology stack with predictable implementation times and costs; track compliance with reports.

    • Standards Catalog

      Define a standard for technology across your enterprise. Leverage the metamodel and address technologies, versions, lifecycles, and refresh cycles.

    • Design Patterns

      Create standard workflows with design patterns. Access prebuilt patterns and modify patterns discovered through use to streamline work and limit risk.

    • Application, Services, and Products TCO

      Understand the TCO of managing an application, service, technology, or product.

  • Make data-driven decisions every step of the way. Provide executive-level performance visibility and governance.

    • Ad-hoc Analysis

      View, analyze, and manage interconnected enterprise-level portfolios. Perform real-time and dynamic analysis of organizational business and technology assets.

    • Centralized Repository

      Leverage one source for technology assets and one source for projects. See relationships between and to business capabilities, organizations, programs, and strategies.

    • Automated Data Collection

      Connect with the best sources of technology portfolio data. Ensure that the information you use to make decisions is current, correct, and consistent.

    • Portfolio Reporting & Visualization

      Understand performance and investigate risks with reports and analytics that are easily accessed via portfolio ribbons and tiles. Make data-driven decisions and quickly take action.

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Hear what our customers say about Planview Enterprise Architecture

The World Bank Group

“Capability and technology management has become the system of record for the World Bank. We have so much confidence in the data within the solution, we integrated it with other key applications for performance monitoring. We also use the solution data for our annual investment planning process and for IT and business capabilities review. We have peace of mind that our repository and IT governance information is always current and correct.”


Mazen Abduljabbar

Senior Enterprise Architect

Read case study • The World Bank Group

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