with Planview Hub (formerly Tasktop Hub) software

Planview Hub helps IT leaders create an efficient and interoperable tool stack for their teams, eliminating error-prone duplicate data entry, messy handovers, and manual traceability.

Planview Hub provides scalable, sophisticated near real-time integrations to help IT leaders and their teams eliminate inefficiencies:

  • Time wasted on duplicate data entry in multiple Agile and DevOps tools
  • Human error as a result of manual status updates and handovers
  • Rework due to communication gaps and silos between teams
  • Low morale due to an inefficient work environment
  • Overhead associated with manual traceability for compliance
  • Constant importation and exportation of data to suppliers, clients, and contractors

Deliver more customer value by automating and accelerating flow with Planview Hub

Do you know how much human capital is still wasted on manual work? Technology organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver more value with fixed capacity, but their daily work remains riddled with inefficiencies. Employees spend hundreds of hours each year on duplicate data-entry and manual handovers – tedious, error-prone, and inefficient work. Planview Hub automates non-value-adding work, freeing up your employees to focus on higher-value, creative work. Hub synchronizes data between planning, engineering, testing, and technical support to improve speed, quality, and satisfaction at scale.

  • Speed up delivery and resolution times

    Automate flow to reduce wait times and make handovers fast and seamless.
  • Connect the product value stream

    Bridge silos by connecting tools and enabling smooth collaboration in cross-functional teams.
  • Improve quality by reducing human error

    Eliminate manual duplicate data entry to reduce opportunities for mistakes and improve data fidelity.
  • Automate traceability for painless audits

    Trace requirements, code, and test results as work moves through the value stream for painless audits.
  • Improve efficiency to raise morale

    Remove impediments and free up employees’ capacity for high-value work.

Planview Hub delivers tool stack integration capabilities across multiple Planview solutions

  • Strategic Portfolio Management

    Empowers executives, transformation and strategy leaders, finance, and EPMOs to drive business outcomes across multiple functions, create dynamic plans to adapt with change, and accelerate on-strategy delivery.
  • Project Portfolio Management

    Helps PMOs optimize program and project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, prioritize work, focus resources, and empower teams to deliver work that drives value to the business.
  • Enterprise Agile Planning

    Empowers executives, software development, Agile and transformation leaders to embrace new ways of working, connect strategic plans and funding to Agile delivery, and scale Agile on their terms and timeline.
  • Product Portfolio Management

    Empowers R&D leaders and product organizations to prioritize high-value products, identify risks and opportunities, optimize resource capacity – balancing the product mix to achieve target revenue and profitability.
  • Professional Services Automation

    Enables services organizations to connect project, resource, and financial management capabilities in order to gain visibility across the entire opportunity-to-revenue lifecycle.
  • Value Stream Management

    Enables creation of an end-to-end control plane that accurately integrates and distills data from the entire product development cycle to create definitive, board-ready visibility into software delivery.

Key Features for Planview Hub

  • Model-based integration is the only way to efficiently synchronize large volumes of data while maintaining data integrity and supporting cross-tool reporting.

    • Reusable Models

      Simplify cross-tool, cross-project field mapping. Standardize it once per model and then easily apply mappings to all participating projects or artifacts.

    • Smart Modeling

      Representing over a decade of integration expertise, Hub comes with prebuilt models for popular integrations. These models auto-suggest how fields and values will be represented in connected tools.

    • Common Data Model

      Models normalize data across all connected tools to enable consistent and reliable cross-tool reporting, decoupled from the tool schemas and semantics.

  • Intuitive, point-and-click interface for setup, configuration, and maintenance.

    • Out-of-the-Box Connectors

      No custom coding is required to set up bi-directional integrations. Hub has pre-built connectors for over sixty tools.

    • Point-and-Click Field Mapping

      Integrating is as easy as selecting the fields you want to flow between tools, and it only takes a few seconds to modify a mapping.

    • Elegant Administration

      Hub’s intuitive web-based administration is designed to make your work easy. And our first-class technical documentation goes deep to guide you on implementing the most involved use cases.

    • Seamless Version Support

      To minimize disruptions, Planview runs 500,000 tests a day to ensure we support the latest tool versions.

    • Troubleshooting Made Easy

      A detailed activity screen makes it easy to understand any issues preventing an integration from running as well as what’s pending, what’s processing, what failed and why.

    • Universal Connector

      Develop your own connector to automate data flow between your out of the box solutions and internal or specialized tools. Leverage Planview’s proven data models, mapping capabilities, and version testing to ensure quality, reliability, and data integrity.

  • Planview Hub is designed to meet nuanced use cases for organizations’ unique needs.

    • Rule-Based Field Flow

      Ideal for supplier or client integrations, you can control which party can update fields during different phases of a work item’s lifecycle.

    • Nested Folders

      Preserve context as data moves across tools. Hub mirrors nested folder structures and maintains parent-child relationships as artifacts synchronize from source to target destination.

    • Twinless Artifact Updates

      Don’t leave people in the dark when an artifact is deleted. Notify users when a twinned artifact is no longer eligible to synchronize.

    • Event-Driven Artifact Creation and Update

      Gateway integration style enables one-way, event-triggered integrations from any Agile or DevOps tool. For example, when a vulnerability is detected in a code scan, create a Jira defect on the team’s backlog.

    • Public and Private Comment Control

      Not everything needs to flow, especially when integrating across a software supply chain. Determine which type of comments are allowed to synchronize to a third-party. Privacy settings for comments flow between tools.

  • Visualizations, metrics, and traceability features help standardize integrations and simplify audits.

    • Enterprise Data Stream

      Slash reporting lead times with this integration style. Pre-normalized data streams that abstract away each tool’s data schemas and APIs flow from connected tools into a central database for custom cross-tool reporting.

    • Automated Traceability Links

      Save your teams thousands of hours and costly mistakes. As artifacts flow from one tool to another, Hub automatically inserts a URL to link the twinned artifact back to its source, creating traceability from requirement to code to test to release.

    • Landscape View

      Ensure your integrations are understood by more than one person. Hub creates a map of integrations so you can see at a glance how data is being synchronized across tools, by artifact and by model.

    • ROI Calculator

      Auto-calculate the time savings generated by integration. Hub’s ROI calculator creates the business case for synchronization, by tool, project and integration.

    • Usage Metrics

      Understand which integrations are most popular and which are under-utilized. Hub provides usage and adoption metrics sliced and diced the way you need to see them.

  • Data integration is fast, reliable, and well-formatted.

    • Near Real-Time Synchronization

      Hub synchronizes sophisticated data at a rate of ten transactions per second, making handovers 98% faster.

    • Tool-Sensitive Call Limiting

      Set and adjust how frequently Hub calls to your application repositories. Limit call frequency for low-bandwidth tools during peak hours to maintain tool functionality and fast flow.

    • Formatting and Display

      The richness, formatting, and accuracy of data is maintained as it flows between tools.

    • Continuous Testing

      Our team runs 500,000 tests per day over 300 tools to proactively identify any changes to APIs. Our deep technical partnerships with tool vendors ensure we can proactively address changes and minimize any disruption to your flow.

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Create an interoperable toolchain with Planview Hub

  • • Jira
  • • ServiceNow
  • • Tricentis
  • • Gitlab
  • • Asana
  • • Micro Focus
  • • Salesforce
  • • Jama
  • • Microsoft Azure DevOps
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“We have effectively unlocked dozens of hours of productivity each week, which we can now devote to solving more issues, faster. The efficiency Planview affords us supports ALIP’s ability to continue to lead the market.”

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Cheryl Kellman

Senior Manager, ALIP Quality Engineering Lead

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NIO Inc.

“Planview provides NIO with enterprise value stream capabilities that greatly improve the efficiency of business data exchange and the coordination across multiple departments, while reducing IT data maintenance costs and shortening project delivery times.”


Jack Longyun Zou

Vice IT Director

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Telus Health

“Planview helps us drive improved efficiency via integration of best-of-breed tooling, without sacrificing collaboration, visibility or traceability. Each application has fit-for-purpose capabilities that my specialists need to do their job with greater efficiency.”


Jody Kieran

Director of Technology, Delivery and Software Development

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Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe

“We strive to be an essential partner to European automotive manufacturers and in turn, have high expectations of our own vendor partnerships. In Planview, we have found a partner to replace several manual operations and in-house tools with a single robust and reliable traceability solution.”



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Planview keeps your data private and secure

  • Security

    Planview adopts a culture of security and holds confidentiality of customer information as its highest priority.
  • Compliance

    Planview adheres to stringent standards and regulations and undergoes independent validation of compliance.
  • Privacy

    Planview’s commitment to privacy extends to every facet of the organization to ensure customer data is managed with the utmost of care.
  • Reliability

    Planview® SaaS solutions are built on highly available, performant infrastructure to deliver our world class product line whenever it’s needed.
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