Troux history

In 2015, Planview acquired Troux Technologies to advance the company’s work and resource management offering and enable COOs, CIOs, Enterprise Architects and other IT leaders to effectively manage the strategy and business of IT.

Bringing together Planview and Troux represented the industry’s first combination of market-leading Portfolio and Resource Management and Enterprise Architecture (EA) solutions. Together, these solutions provide IT leaders with a comprehensive approach to Capability and Technology Management that integrates strategic planning and execution with complete insight into architecture and technology.

In 2017, Planview integrated the powerful functionality of the Troux product into Planview Portfolios – Capability and Technology Management.

Enterprise node visualizations are just one of many powerful capabilities delivered by Planview Portfolios. Visualize how your portfolios are connected. Analyze information flows and technology stacks and see a visual impact analysis integrating strategy, capability, applications, programs, and projects.

Troux resources