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Improve efficiency and speed up time to market

with Planview Viz (formerly Tasktop Viz) value stream analytics software

Planview Viz enables CIOs, transformation and agility executives, and engineering and product leaders to measure value streams, uncover bottlenecks, and address dependencies in software delivery to become more efficient, predictable, and profitable.

Planview Viz provides value stream management analytics to help business, technology, and transformation leaders get to the root cause of:

  • Missed commitments and unpredictable delivery
  • Disappointing transformation results with low ROI
  • Inefficient development processes with poorly managed dependencies
  • Misalignment between business and technology on priorities and trade-offs
  • Long lead times that impact financial performance
  • Overloaded and disengaged teams

Connect your software development processes to strategic business outcomes with Planview Viz

Planview Viz offers clear, simple visibility into fragmented software delivery processes and toolchains so you can make better, faster decisions. Our business-ready insights use a common language to align delivery teams to measurable business outcomes and our Flow Metrics provide leading indicators into the impact of your transformation efforts.

  • IT-business alignment

    Connect technology and business teams with one set of end-to-end metrics for the entire IT portfolio.
  • Improve predictability

    Use value stream capacity analytics to inform planning, resourcing, and delivery commitments.
  • Speed and productivity

    Identify systemic bottlenecks and remove the obstacles that impede business value delivery.
  • Data-led decisions

    Use comprehensive data from across the toolchain to guide where to invest for maximum impact.
  • Measurable transformation ROI

    Leverage leading indicators to communicate the impact of transformation initiatives.
  • Talent retention

    Implement the playbook to create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Planview Viz delivers value stream management capabilities across multiple Planview solutions

  • Strategic Portfolio Management

    Empowers executives, transformation and strategy leaders, finance, and EPMOs to drive business outcomes across multiple functions, create dynamic plans to adapt with change, and accelerate on-strategy delivery.
  • Project Portfolio Management

    Helps PMOs optimize program and project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, prioritize work, focus resources, and empower teams to deliver work that drives value to the business.
  • Enterprise Agile Planning

    Empowers executives, software development, Agile and transformation leaders to embrace new ways of working, connect strategic plans and funding to Agile delivery, and scale Agile on their terms and timeline.
  • Product Portfolio Management

    Empowers R&D leaders and product organizations to prioritize high-value products, identify risks and opportunities, optimize resource capacity – balancing the product mix to achieve target revenue and profitability.
  • Professional Services Automation

    Enables services organizations to connect project, resource, and financial management capabilities in order to gain visibility across the entire opportunity-to-revenue lifecycle.
  • Value Stream Management

    Enables creation of an end-to-end control plane that accurately integrates and distills data from the entire product development cycle to create definitive, board-ready visibility into software delivery.

Planview Viz features

  • Measure end-to-end value delivery from idea to outcome using Flow Metrics. The Flow Framework® connects all the activities of a value stream and translates them into a common language for both business and IT.

    • Un-Siloed Metrics

      For the first time, get a bird’s eye view of teams, tools, and departments. Understand how value flows, where it is constrained, and most importantly, correlate those metrics with business outcomes.

    • Rich Out-of-the-Box Dashboards

      Get meaningful visibility quickly with pre-configured dashboards that implement the Flow Framework®. No customization, no time lost.

    • Flow Time

      Measure how quickly value is delivered. Start the clock when work is committed and measure flow through all active and wait states, until customer delivery.

    • Flow Efficiency®

      Identify bottlenecks and dependencies by measuring the ratio of wait times in the end-to-end process.

    • Flow Velocity®

      Measure and trend throughput over time to determine if value delivery is accelerating, decelerating, or staying constant.

    • Flow Load®

      Monitor over and under-utilization of value streams, which can lead to reduced productivity. Flow Load helps balance demand with capacity.

    • Flow Distribution®

      Ensure a healthy distribution of work profiles: features, defects, debt, and risk. Prioritize specific types of work based on business priorities.

  • Make better investment decisions using data from all the teams and tools in your portfolio.

    • Portfolio View

      A single dashboard conveys a snapshot of your group, portfolio, or product line. Quickly identify high performers and those requiring attention in terms of agility, speed, and product health.

    • Project to Product Metrics

      Get instant visibility into the progress of the organization’s shift from project to product-based IT and identify how you’re executing against plans.

    • Business-Agility Metrics

      Identify where product teams are ‘doing agile’ but not ‘being agile’ and where the ability to respond faster to the market is at risk.

    • Dependency Insights

      Home in on value streams that might slow down overall delivery and jump in to proactively mitigate the risk.

    • Capacity Insights

      Prevent untenable workloads and unrealistic commitments. Understand when value streams will have the capacity for new work.

  • Manage your digital transformation with real-time analytics that incorporate tools and data from every step of the software delivery lifecycle: ideation, creation, release, and operation.

    • Neglected WIP Insights

      Spot overcommitted teams who have limited capacity. Surface leading indicators that will help you address excess WIP in your value streams.

    • Bottleneck Detection

      See exactly where and when your work is getting stuck and iteratively experiment to solve systemic issues like a lack of automation or resources.

    • Timeline Events

      Insert a timeline into your Flow Metrics to understand how changes to teams and processes impact Flow Metrics and business results.

    • Product Lifecycle Insights

      Compare the work being completed in your value stream to healthy Flow Distribution targets for products at any lifecycle stage, from Incubation to Maturity.

    • Digitally Rendered Value Stream Maps

      Your data builds a live value stream map of the workflow sequence, highlighting new, active, waiting, and done states overlaid with the relative time spent in each state.

  • Let people close to the work create, maintain, and adjust value stream configuration with point-and-click modeling.

    • Modeling at the Edge

      Point-and-click modeling lets subject matter experts quickly create accurate product value streams without dependencies on niche technical expertise or consultants.

    • Smart Modeling

      Smart modeling automates workflow mapping to the four flow states (new, active, waiting, done), so you can get to metrics faster. Users can fine-tune the auto-modeled data to accommodate nuance and context.

    • Support for Hybrid Organizations

      Create value streams that reflect your organization’s realities as you transition from project to product.

    • Flexible Workflow Modeling

      Configure workflows that reflect your organization’s technical ecosystem and shape complex value streams across teams and projects.

    • Common Data Model

      Define your own view of artifacts and model relationships across tools. Create conditions with metadata and easily update models as new states and processes emerge.

  • A purpose-built data, analytics and synchronization platform built on a massive proactive testing suite maximizes data fidelity and ensures your enterprise toolchain remains stable.

    • Reliability

      The solution is a purpose-built data, analytics, and synchronization platform, built on a massive proactive testing suite to maximize data fidelity.

    • Robust Platform

      Trusted by 53 of the Fortune 100, our platform operates at the scale of the world’s largest enterprises.

    • Rapid Regenerative Processing

      Planview Viz eliminates lags between reality and metrics and lets you re-contextualize your data as your product portfolio evolves.

    • Investment Protection

      Our meticulous design minimizes API calls to your operational tools to ensure day-to-day work continues without disruption.

    • Enterprise-Level Security

      Planview Viz is SOC Type 2 Certified.

  • Use generative AI insights to drive smarter, faster decisions about software delivery

    • Data-Led Decisions

      Drive decisions using AI-generated insights from multiple value streams. Immediately identify the most important bottlenecks to guide where to pivot and make changes.

    • Increase Predictability

      Predictive analyses and forward-looking simulations trained on your data inform better planning and alignment across the organization.

    • Democratize Data

      A conversational interface interprets Flow Metrics in plain language and summarizes actionable, clear insights so teams can mitigate risks, improve agility, and accelerate delivery.

    • Access VSM Expertise

      Gain contextual access to relevant ideas and best practices from Planview thought leadership and industry frameworks like SAFe®.

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Hear what our customers say about Planview Viz

TUI Group

“Planview Viz is there to help us be proactive, to be more predictive. It shows us the trends and where things will happen before they occur.”


Pieter Jordaan

Chief Technology Officer

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Bank of New Zealand

“It’s early in our journey but we’re already seeing value. The teams are committed, excited, and engaged and we’re seeing culture improvements because every engineer can now see how their work impacts business delivery and helps support an effective DevOps culture.”


Paul Littlefair

Chief Technology Officer

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“When you can illustrate that developing a feature takes 25 days in an old system versus two days in a new system, leadership can quickly see the ROI.”

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Vince Butera

Head of Portfolio Operations

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Planview keeps your data private and secure

  • Security

    Planview adopts a culture of security and holds confidentiality of customer information as its highest priority.
  • Compliance

    Planview adheres to stringent standards and regulations and undergoes independent validation of compliance.
  • Privacy

    Planview’s commitment to privacy extends to every facet of the organization to ensure customer data is managed with the utmost of care.
  • Reliability

    Planview® SaaS solutions are built on highly available, performant infrastructure to deliver our world class product line whenever it’s needed.
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