The end of siloed, static roadmap tools

with Planview Roadmaps

Planview Roadmaps eliminates disconnected roadmaps by transforming static, siloed visualizations into an interactive, seamless experience that connects every team to strategy, outcomes, and delivery.

Planview Roadmaps provides interactive and dynamic roadmaps that improve business agility, drive execution, and maximize impact by solving the key challenges enterprises face:

  • Misalignment between work and desired outcomes
  • Static roadmaps that are outdated as soon as you hit save
  • Overlooked dependencies as related work changes
  • Slowness with recognizing and reacting to scope and schedule delays
  • Wasted effort gathering project status
  • Confusion created from a sprawl of disconnected tools

Connect strategy, planning, and delivery across all project and product teams with Planview Roadmaps

Stop creating roadmaps by drawing boxes that are out of date from the minute you click save. Improving business agility requires driving execution by utilizing a dynamic, connected, and collaborative roadmapping tool. Planview Roadmaps enables your organization to easily see and adapt to change by matching progress against initiatives and dependencies. Get a direct line of sight into delivery progress, enabling rapid response to changes and faster re-planning decisions. Connect work across every team, maximizing and unifying the effort. Consolidate static and disconnected roadmap tools, unifying collaboration and reducing costs.

  • Improve business agility

    Planview Roadmaps are never out of date and are universally available. Easily see and adapt to change by visually organizing work and making iterative “pivot vs persevere” decisions. Spend time responding to change, not updating tactical roadmaps.
  • Connect strategy, planning, and delivery

    Connect initiatives, outcomes, and related work. Clarify how every investment fits into the overall picture. Drill up on work, drill down on strategy – drive the teams with outcomes while ensuring progress on the most critical initiatives.
  • Connect project, product, and hybrid teams

    Connect to any team, any delivery methodology, and any tracking tool. Coordinate dependencies across their deliverables. Bypass organizational silos and bring teams closer together, regardless of organizational silos, with built-in collaboration.

Planview Roadmaps creates living, interactive, sharable roadmaps

Say goodbye to static roadmaps. Planview Roadmaps can help you visually prioritize strategy, planning, and delivery by connecting the planning and work of traditional, Agile, and hybrid teams. Finally, there is a way to create living, interactive, and shareable roadmaps for strategy, outcomes, and delivery.

See Planview Roadmaps in action

Learn how Planview Roadmaps for Teams can help you:

  • Build upon your outcome-driven planning journey by translating plans into a visual timeline for achieving business outcomes and completing deliverables.
  • Use shared interactive roadmaps to collaborate and communicate delivery expectations. Maintain clear alignment in the context of the planning and delivery that is happening.

Learn how Planview Roadmaps for Enterprise can help you:

  • Easily connect and visualize roadmaps for strategy, outcomes, and delivery. Align with all types of teams, including project, product, and hybrid teams.
  • Track dependencies between delivery items with milestones to track progress.
  • Collaborate on strategy to delivery using the always up-to-date view of plans overlayed with progress information.
  • Drive execution and alignment by allowing everyone to drill up on work and drill down on initiatives.
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Planview Roadmaps features

  • Visualize your strategic plan

    Visually sequence key work items, major milestones, and desired goals. Develop alternative approaches to achieve goals.

  • Share with stakeholders

    Share live views across the organization with always up-to-date progress. Export static images to popular presentation tools.

  • Connect Agile teams

    Connect to team boards at each level, including initiatives, programs, epics, and features. Delivery progress is automatically overlaid against roadmap items.

  • Align project and product teams

    Visualize across project and product teams connecting to Planview Portfolios, Planview AgilePlace, or any tool supported by our library of 60+ connectors.

  • Manage dependencies

    Visually manage dependencies between roadmap items. Align expectations with high-level sequencing. Easily detect when dependent delivery is off-track.

  • Collaboration

    Comment and provide feedback on roadmaps, delivery items, and dependencies. Add user mentions to improve engagement and facilitate meaningful collaboration.

  • Connect strategy, outcomes and work

    Build a connected roadmap, from high-level strategy to outcomes to the level of work delivery. Group delivery by milestones, categories, or teams.

  • Create smooth handoffs between planning and delivery

    Create work, including epics, features, and projects, directly from roadmaps to maintain clear connections from roadmap planning to delivery.

  • Monitor delivery progress

    Measure progress of delivery and quickly adapt and respond to planning and delivery changes that may arise.

Planview Roadmaps is an element of the Planview Platform

The Planview Platform for Connected Work enables enterprises to improve time-to-value and predictability, increase efficiency to unlock capacity, and de-risk strategic bets.

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