Tasktop History

In 2022, Planview acquired Tasktop, a pioneer and leader in Value Stream Management (VSM).

Tasktop founder, Dr. Mik Kersten, is the author of the best-selling book Project to Product: How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework® and host of the popular podcast, Mik+One.

Today the Flow Framework® is used by many of the Global 2000 as the blueprint for successful value stream management. The Flow Framework provides a structured, prescriptive approach to Value Stream Management in software delivery organizations. It equips technology leaders with non-technical (and non-Agile) language to use with business stakeholders to set priorities and measure outcomes.

In his current role as Planview’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Kersten continues to drive innovation and help Planview deliver new levels of excellence to companies and industries navigating through change.

Tasktop: the first Value Stream Management (VSM) solution

Tasktop’s value stream management solution was the first and only purpose-built solution to implement the Flow Framework®. Today the Tasktop solution is an integral part of Planview’s Platform for Connected Work and Value Stream Management solution.

The solution has enabled some of the world’s largest organizations to transform into a high-performing tech companies by dramatically reducing their time to market and increasing the velocity of software development. Sitting above the entire software development toolchain, the value stream management solution integrates all popular software development tools – like Jira, ServiceNow®, Azure DevOps and many more – and allows organizations to see where work is getting stuck and how they can improve.

Tasktop Products

Tasktop Viz (now Planview® Viz) enables CIOs, transformation and agility executives, and engineering and product leaders to measure value streams, uncover bottlenecks, and address dependencies in software delivery to become more efficient, predictable, and profitable.

Planview Viz makes it easy to visualize and measure your value streams.

Tasktop Hub (now Planview® Hub) helps IT leaders create an efficient and interoperable tool stack for their teams, eliminating error-prone duplicate data entry, messy handovers, and manual traceability.

Planview Hub delivers pre-built connectors for over sixty best-of-breed tools.