Maximize Portfolio Value

with Planview® Advisor software

Planview Advisor enables research and development leaders to connect strategy and portfolio performance to optimize return on investment during even the most uncertain times.

Planview Advisor provides a comprehensive view of your complex portfolio’s health, including uncertainty, trade-offs, and opportunity costs to help organizations overcome:

  • Inconsistent valuation standards to determine which products to fund, adjust, or abandon
  • Inadequate approach to consider comprehensive market, development, and partnership impacts on product performance
  • Inability to incorporate uncertainty into both short-term and long-term forecasts
  • Ineffective portfolio prioritization based on inaccurate and incomplete investment analysis
  • Delayed decision-making; leaving low-value initiatives in the portfolio mix for too long
  • Failure to consider alternative scenarios for new products, or underinvestment in new-to-market and innovative R&D

Turn uncertainty into opportunity with Planview Advisor

How you allocate investments within your portfolio has a sizeable impact on overall company performance. To successfully balance strategic product investments between long-term and short-term opportunities, strategic leaders must evaluate risk across various assumptions, scenarios, and interdependencies. Planview Advisor enables comprehensive valuation while incorporating uncertainty to inform big bets and deliver on the strategic goals of your organization.

  • Standardize valuation

    Consistent, comprehensive valuations allow apples-to-apples comparisons across products.
  • Develop contingency plans

    Powerful what-if analysis enables you to prepare multiple product and portfolio scenarios to plan responses to adverse events.
  • Optimize portfolio value

    Explore complex product and portfolio trade-offs with real-time strategic scenario planning.
  • Actively manage risk

    Leverage powerful simulation tools to select the best mix of risk and reward for your organization.
  • Make real-time decisions

    Best-in-class reporting uses the latest data to communicate portfolio status, variance, and forecasts with real-time visual exploration.

Planview Advisor features

  • Ensure executives make decisions based on true business insights including cost, risk, and opportunity, enabling R&D funding priorities to reflect corporate strategy.

    • Portfolio Prioritization

      Rank products according to a wide range of flexible criteria that best match your business goals and objectives.

    • Portfolio Optimization

      Employ the built-in optimization engine to recommend which products best meet competing sets of objectives without exceeding available funding.

    • Meeting-ready Analysis

      Advisor is designed to respond to real-time feedback from executives and drive decision-making in portfolio meetings.

    • Drill-down Support

      Stop creating back-up slides filled with meta data; Advisor’s drill-down capability offers quick access to all data to respond to in-meeting questions.

  • Generate business case valuations with calculations tailored to your methods, bolstered by descriptions of product attributes, competitors, and market situations.

    • Powerful Analytics

      Leave Excel behind with multi-dimensional array analytics and built-in simulation, tailored to the way you value products within your business.

    • Comprehensive Valuations

      Assess initiative risk, opportunity, cost, schedule, partnerships and more before you make critical strategic investment decisions.

    • Workflow Management

      Optional workflow management assures that data is approved before going live to the portfolio.

    • Audit History

      Advisor’s publication feature tracks who changed what when, allowing you a full audit trail of changes to product data.

    • Variance Analysis

      Built-in variance analysis lets you compare current thinking with alternative scenarios or historical data.

  • Communicate R&D portfolio status, variance, and forecast with real-time visual exploration and reporting to leaders and stakeholders.

    • Portfolio-focused Visualizations

      Go beyond bars and bubbles to support your decision-making with bullseye, flag, treemap, waterfall, and brick charts.

    • Automated Reporting

      Eliminate spreadsheets and time-consuming manual processes. Get configurable portfolio review and out-of-the-box reports.

    • Saved Views

      Save your go-to visualizations for yourself, share with others, or make them available to everyone.

    • On-the-fly Dashboard Creation

      Configure dashboards to answer your critical R&D portfolio questions in a single view to expedite executive decisions.

    • One-click Exports

      Export entire PowerPoint presentations in a single click, or individual visualizations as images or PDFs.

  • Efficiently determine long-range planning of funded products against strategic objectives to strengthen the portfolio’s resilience to risk and uncertainty over time.

    • Capture Forecast Uncertainty

      Explicitly capture the technical, market, and competitive risks of each product by building uncertainty into the genesis of your forecasts.

    • Monte Carlo Simulation

      Fully understand the impact of uncertainty on the entire portfolio through embedded Monte Carlo and other simulation techniques.

    • Sensitivity Analysis

      Understand the key drivers of R&D portfolio risk through sensitivity analysis and tornado diagrams.

    • Risk Aggregation

      Understand how individual risks impact the entire portfolio, including dependencies across all products.

    • Broad Probabilistic Support

      Advisor supports dozens of common probability distributions, ensuring your data can be forecasted the way you need it.

  • Effectively visualize the impact of both real and hypothetical disruptions on your overall portfolio to uncover the greatest value.

    • Flexible Scenarios

      Create multiple development and market scenarios for each product to understand which combinations work best within your portfolio.

    • Portfolio Trade-offs

      Create alternative portfolios with built-in tools, visualize trade-offs, and select which portfolio best meets your organization’s objectives.

    • Portfolio What-if Analysis

      Effectively visualize the impact of revenue shortfalls, cost overruns, and delays on R&D portfolio value.

    • Portfolio Waterfalls

      Dive deep into the differences among portfolio scenarios, highlighting which products drive the greatest differences in value.

    • Forward-looking Planning

      Layer in partnership deals, acquisitions, potential products, and/or in-market products to develop a complete picture of your organization’s future.

  • Seamless integrations provide an easy and secure pathway to connect to your internal spreadsheets, databases, and applications for a single source of truth.

    • Excel Uploads

      Upload data on a product-by-product basis from your existing Excel spreadsheets, or from a single spreadsheet containing data about your entire portfolio.

    • Data Shuttle

      Based on inputs you select, quickly generate Excel files that can be used to export and import data.

    • CSV Imports and Exports

      Leverage CSV files to provide secure, simple data transfer both to and from your internal data repositories.

    • RESTful Services

      Built-in secure pathway to connect to your internal databases and applications.

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Top 10 Pharmaceuticals Company

“Planview Advisor has brought a positive cultural change to the organization. We have much more discipline, quality, and accountability for our governance and portfolio reviews, and more engagement from the people involved.”



Portfolio Data Science Manager

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Multinational Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Company

“Our previous solution was so backward-looking. Planview Advisor was forward-looking, giving us deep insights into where we could go and needed to be, rather than just where we had been up until now.”



Reduction in lead time for governance and portfolio review preparation period.

Global Life Sciences Company


Reduction in time to configure financial and market analytics for the entire portfolio.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

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