Enrich company history

Enrich was born out of a restless desire to help companies do more—create more game-changing technology, develop more life-saving drugs, find more opportunity.

Founded in 1998, Enrich provided flexible analytics, scenario planning, simulation, and optimization techniques tailored for R&D teams to enable portfolio planning and prioritization, decision support, and risk analysis for highly-complex product portfolios.​ Leading Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences brands, including half of the top 20 life sciences companies, use Enrich technology to provide real-time visibility into the health of product portfolios, allowing them to make better decisions and align with business goals.

Dr. Rich Sonnenblick joined Planview as Chief Data Scientist

Enrich was founded by Dr. Rich Sonnenblick following his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Sonnenblick and his team of data scientists joined Planview, further deepening Planview’s data science and analytics expertise. Sonnenblick serves as Planview’s Chief Data Scientist, focused on building and expanding the company’s data science initiatives and delivering predictive and prescriptive insights for Planview solutions.

Enrich products and solutions

Enrich Analytics (now Planview® Advisor) enables research & development leaders to connect strategy and portfolio performance to optimize return on investment during even the most uncertain times.

Analyze the entire portfolio to determine the set of products that best meets your organization’s specific objectives.