LeanKit aquisition

In 2017, Planview established a firm foothold in Lean and Agile with its acquisition of LeanKit (now AgilePlace). The addition of the Lean and Agile Delivery solution advanced Planview’s Work and Resource Management (WRM) vision of supporting all the ways organizations work, ensuring they can plan and scale more effectively to deliver customer value faster.

By combining enterprise-class Kanban with powerful workflow and collaboration capabilities, LeanKit helps those in application development, DevOps, and IT operations leverage Lean principles and scale agility across the enterprise. LeanKit’s solution furthers Planview’s ability to serve engineers and technical professionals at the heart of the digital transformation movement that is disrupting many industries.

LeanKit history

Spreadsheets, the number-one tool used to manage projects, haven’t changed much since VisiCalc introduced them in 1979. The workplace has evolved dramatically, but project management tools haven’t kept up with today’s needs.

Status updates are difficult to manage, and teams spend hours in status meetings only to emerge with guesstimates of how much effort a project will take. Meanwhile, management struggles to know who’s doing what work and when.

LeanKit’s founders spent several aggravating years on the hamster wheel of corporate IT. The standard method of team collaboration required archaic tools such as physical whiteboards fed by list-based project management systems (and of course, the ubiquitous spreadsheet). Roadblocks popped up almost daily, consuming valuable time and delaying deliverables.

Dedicated to busting the myth that people are the reason projects fail, the LeanKit founders created visual management and forecasting software designed to optimize individual and team effectiveness. Using a humanistic, rather than mechanistic, approach to productivity, LeanKit helps pave the way for the future of work by creating a visual tool that reinvents the way teams get stuff done.

Today the product is offered under the name Planview AgilePlace. Drawing from the principles of Lean, Agile and Kanban, Planview AgilePlace is revolutionizing the way work is managed.

Planview LeanKit
Increase delivery speed and program success through the implementation of Lean-Agile practices across different teams.

Meet Jon Terry, LeanKit founder and chief evangelist, Lean-Agile strategy at Planview

Jon Terry Jon has been a leader in Agile transformations for some of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S., including hospital-giant HCA Healthcare and its subsidiary, HealthTrust Purchasing Group. Jon earned his Global Executive MBA from Georgetown University and ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Pulling from a wide range of experience, Jon has emerged as a leader and highly sought-after presenter within the Lean and Agile community around the world. Jon not only helps AgilePlace customers discover how to increase effectiveness using the AgilePlace tool, he also actively seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of Kanban and visual project management.

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