• How do you describe your team’s work?

    • Project-oriented work

      We manage discrete projects with a defined start and end date

      We focus on project milestones and end-goal achievement

    • Process-oriented work

      We manage the flow of work as it moves through a process or workflow

      We focus on process excellence and continuous improvement

    • How does your team plan their work?

    • Milestone planning

      Our project plans are outlined at the beginning of a project with milestones and end-goals clearly defined

    • Continuous planning

      We continuously plan and require the ability to quickly pivot and prioritize new work items

    • What does your team need from a work management solution to help get work done?

    • Collaborative Workspaces

      Create a workspace for each initiative that allows your team to flexibly plan, deliver on work, and store documents all in one place

      Online Gantt Charts

      Define your project plan and stay on top of progress by visualizing your plan and milestones in modernized Gantt charts

      Visual Task Management

      Visualize and connect work items to project activities using integrated task management boards and lists

      Project Templates

      Quickly set up new workspaces and projects using pre-defined project management templates based on your company’s best practices

      Document Management

      Share files and collaborate on documents and enable team members to attach relevant files directly to project items from varied sources

      Dashboards and Analytics

      Use dashboards and reports to increase project efficiency and track performance across projects to monitor bottlenecks, deadlines, and KPIs

    • Process and Work Visualization

      Visually manage work using Kanban boards with the flexibility to easily model any workflow process, regardless of complexity or methodology

      Real-time Work Status

      Share up-to-the-minute progress using cards with custom categorization labels that represent different types of work

      Kanban Board Templates

      Use out-of-the-box board templates to create initial work boards or create your own custom template for repeatable processes

      Risk identification

      Visually communicate blocked work and identify process bottlenecks to ensure that risks to delivery are addressed as quickly as possible

      Agile Team Analytics and Lean Metrics

      Track and measure how quickly work moves through the process to identify opportunities for meaningful improvement

      Cross-team Work Connections

      Break down and visualize connected work across teams to easily monitor roll-up statistics and potential issues

    • Both products integrate with the tools you already use, drive team collaboration, and deliver enterprise-class security.

    • In-context Team Collaboration

    •  ProjectPlace – Yes
    •  AgilePlace – Yes
    • Remote Work Support

    •  ProjectPlace – Yes
    •  AgilePlace – Yes