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“We have people in the field that see client pain points. They can bring that information back to us.” – Shuki Einstein, Global Director, Innovation, CH2M

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Demystify Decision-Making

When you lack on-the-ground insight, business initiatives quickly become a time sink. Spigit focuses your frontline workforce on the critical issues that help you run lean for the long haul.

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    Put an end to inefficiency

    Easily identify the bottlenecks in your business processes that are wasting time and energy. And uncover new ways to optimize processes productivity and reach objectives.

  • Demystify Decision-Making
  • Demystify Decision-Making View

    Stop tackling the wrong problems

    Wasting time and energy on the wrong problems puts your business at risk. Leverage your team to identify the most important problems, and prioritize them based on value to the business.

  • Demystify Decision-Making
  • Cut cost and eliminate waste

    Tap your cross-functional crowd and get instant ideas for cost savings directly from the people that know your business best anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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    Quantify the “Impossible”

    Leverage crowd science to accurately measure the impact and time to value of your innovation portfolio.

  • Demystify Decision-Making
  • Drive decision-making

    Get the on-demand visibility you need to bridge the execution gap so your next big idea doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Innovate faster. Outpace the competition.

Innovating with Spigit

“Working with Spigit, you get more than a platform, you get a team of people working with you that are as passionate about your program as you are. They are always here to help and to give you good advice based on their experience.”

Anna Baranskaya

Sr. Ecosystem Innovator, Siemens Innovation

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