Planview Customer Success

Planview Customer Success

Unipart Customer Success

When it comes to continuous improvement, Unipart are rapidly becoming known as The Productivity People. Unipart Group is an independent manufacturing, logistics and consultancy company has an annual turnover of more than £700m. You may remember Unipart as the company that revolutionsed the automotive parts industry* in the 1970s. Unipart is a different company today with clients such as Vodafone, Sky, Jaguar Land Rover and the NHS. All Unipart sites operate according to The Unipart Way – our philosophy of working underpinned by a strong set of guiding principles and supported by tools and techniques that inspire employee engagement, flexibility and outstanding customer service.

Tell us about your organization and your role

What was going on in your business that convinced you that you needed a standardized platform?

Why was Planview selected over the competition?

What challanges were you experiencing prior to utilizing Planview?

What has surprised you in a positive sense about working with Planview?

Why do you continue to work with Planview as opposed to another vendor?

Is Planview flexible in terms of customizations to your system?

How was the onboarding process?

What advice would you give to an organization just starting out with their evaluation?

What was the AHA moment when you realized the power of Planview?

Is there anything that the Clarizen team could have done to improve the socialization of Clarizen in your organization?

What has been the impact of the standardization that Planview provides at your organization?

How has partnering with Planview impacted your organization?

Has Planview helped to elevate you and your team within the organization?