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Omvandla bra idéer till fantastiska produkter

med Planviews hanteringslösningar för arbete och resurser för nya produktutvecklingschefer

Advancing the gated process for new product development managers

Prioritera de bästa NPD-projekten och säkerställ resurstillgänglighet för att leverera produkter till marknaden i tid

Planviews programvara för nya produktutvecklingschefer ger möjlighet att välja produkterna med högst värde för portföljen och effektivt hantera gated kommersialiseringsprocessen, vilket resulterar i ökade intäkter, förbättrad tid till marknaden, minskade risker och smart användning av NPD-resurser – både vad gäller medarbetare och pengar.

  • Speed time-to-market

    Accelerate new products to market to achieve revenue targets and beat the competition. Provide templates, content management, and flexible reports to improve consistency, repeatability, and efficiency. Kill lower value projects that are clogging your product pipeline. Monitor projects in-flight to eliminate roadblocks that can threaten launch dates with Planview product development management software. Learn more about gated project management
  • Prioritize the project pipeline to achieve your product strategy

    Evaluate and compare multiple product portfolios to ensure the best mix of initiatives to achieve your corporate objectives. Model different scenarios and market conditions via automated portfolio analysis. Determine which combination of projects and required resources will help your organization hit stated financial targets. Deliver pipeline transparency to product development leaders. Learn more about product portfolio management
  • Focus your resources on the most valuable projects

    Forecast resource capacity to guarantee the right resources are available for new product development. Effectively plan and control resource usage with out-of-the-box staffing reports to reduce resource over-utilization and the chaos of manual spreadsheets. Easily reallocate team members between projects as priorities and customer requirements shift. Utilize historical actuals to better estimate future project needs. Learn more about resource management for product teams
  • Share NPD portfolio performance dashboards

    Deliver the visibility you need to make product decisions fast. Quickly respond to market changes and competitive pressure with configurable analytics. Drill down from the project portfolio to the individual tasks that are causing delays. With Planview’s new product development software (NPD software), you can ensure resources are available to work on the most innovative ideas and products launch on time. Learn more about product portfolio reporting and analytics
  • Centralize the idea-to-launch process

    Stop trying to use manual, desktop tools to manage your gated commercialization process. Leverage a purpose-built solution to execute deliverables and monitor NPD portfolio performance. Provide gatekeepers an easy way to give projects the “go” and kill bad ideas. Planview’s NPD software helps product organizations assemble the critical data necessary to make decisions faster. Learn more about integrated systems to execute your product development projects
  • Förbättra effektiviteten med projektsamarbete

    Ensure important conversations amongst both internal and external project team members don’t get lost in email. Make collaboration and document sharing easy via a browser or the mobile app. Reduce time wasted on project status meetings and improve team accountability through intuitive Kanban boards. Increase repeatability by using product launch templates and roadmapping workspaces. Learn more about Work Management for Teams
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